Express of the day 22 September. Predictions and bets on football / Odds of the day: 3.85 / LiveSport.Ru

Express of the day 22 September. Predictions and bets on football / Odds of the day: 3.85 / LiveSport.Ru
Express of the day 22 September. Predictions and bets on football / Odds of the day: 3.85 / LiveSport.Ru

In the new Express, we will consider the upcoming matches in the League of Nations. What to bet on today at the bookmaker?

Turkey — Luxembourg

Football. The League of nations

national team Turkey failed in the previous Nations League, having been relegated from League B. However, in League C, it will certainly not stay long, because it won all four games played with a total score of 14:0.

To leave the division higher, it will be enough for the “Janissaries” not to lose in the upcoming meeting. Recall that Turkey alternately coped with the Faroe Islands 4:0, with Luxembourg 2:0 and twice with Lithuania (6:0 and 2:0).

With two rounds to go, the national team Luxembourg is in second position, five points behind the Turks. She definitely won’t be able to rise a division higher, but at the same time she won’t fly out.

In the first two matches, the “Dukes” scored six points, beating Lithuania 2:0 and the Faroe Islands 1:0, and then made two misfires, losing 0:2 to Turkey and playing 2:2 with the Faroe Islands.

Turkey will certainly try to complete the tournament with maximum performance, winning once again confidently.

Bid: Turkey’s victory with a handicap (-1.5) for 1.76.

Kazakhstan — Belarus

Football. The League of nations

national team Kazakhstan in division C of the League of Nations, it is in its group on the first line, having 10 points in the asset and four points ahead of the nearest pursuer. So winning this game will take them up the league.

The Kazakhs in this tournament were able to beat Slovakia twice (1:0 and 2:1) and once coped with Azerbaijan 2:0, but with their upcoming opponent they painted the world 1:1 on the opponent’s field.

Team Belarus in turn, he frankly fails his performance in this League of Nations. The team is in fourth place in the standings with two points and is in danger of being relegated.

“White Wings” in this competition were defeated in games with Slovakia 0:1 and Azerbaijan 0:2, and also painted two world outcomes – with the same Azerbaijanis 0:0 and with their upcoming opponent 1:1.

We expect that in this fight Kazakhstan will at least not lose and will almost secure the first line in the group.

Bid: 1X for 1.37.

France – Austria

Football. The League of nations

national team France after winning the last Nations League, they are performing terribly this season, having not yet won a single game in their four matches.

The Tricolors have not only lost their chances of reaching the playoffs, but are also in danger of being relegated, being in fourth place with two points in the piggy bank.

All predictions for the League of Nations

On the eve of the fifth round, the Austrians are in third position, having four points in the asset and ahead of their upcoming opponent by two points. So they will fight with him for a place in division A.

In the first round Austria defeated Croatia 3:0, after which she lost twice to the Danish team (1:2 and 0:2), and parted ways with France (1:1). If Austria beats France, they will secure a place in League A for the next season.

It’s time for the French team to get together and achieve the first victory in order to leave the last place.

Bid: victory for France with a handicap (-1) for 1.60.

The overall coefficient is 3.85.

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