“Petrak’s team has never played so badly”

“Petrak’s team has never played so badly”
“Petrak’s team has never played so badly”

In the past, a famous football player of “Karpat” and the national team of Ukraine Yaroslav Khoma assessed the chances of the Ukrainian national team in the fight for promotion in the League of Nations.

— I am very disappointed, unpleasantly impressed by the way our guys performed, you can’t say otherwise, in the second half. It was only a miracle that they did not concede more goals.

— But before the break, nothing predicted such a fiasco. After all, the rivalry took place on opposing courses, half-times arose at the gates of both national teams…
— All the same, I was alarmed by the guests’ lack of adequate protection on the flanks, the mistakes of our stoppers, the lack of creativity in the final attacking stage. Because it was necessary for the Scots to add momentum, to press high, as their dominance was not in doubt. Fortunately, it was only sporadic until the break.

— Yesterday, the helmsman could not count on several leading performers at once. The absence of which of them was felt the most?
— Ilya Zabarny, with his first pass, ability to operate on the second floor, and Oleksandr Zinchenko — tenacious, with an accurate last pass. Unfortunately, we have to state that our national team cannot boast of depth. The absence of one of the leaders is immediately noticeable.

— I got the impression that Oleksandr Petrakov’s wards went into the second half with one goal in general: not to miss and achieve a draw that suited them…
— I agree, but such passive tactics, especially in matches with the British, who are always very motivated, sooner or later end in failure. Especially since our wing players Andriy Yarmolenko and Mykhailo Mudryk do not know how to defend themselves, which the hosts masterfully took advantage of. The fact that after the break the guests were somewhat doomed, did not demonstrate cohesion, the desire to play because of the inability to play, was also unpleasantly impressive. As bad as in the second half, our national team has not yet played under Petrakov.

And the Scots are well done, in every episode they fought to the last and could have won with an even bigger score. Their helmsman guessed and with replacements. In general, I got the impression that the guests did not know how to take care of the British grenadier Lyndon Dykes when playing the standard provisions, who in about seven minutes of being on the field twice forced the goalkeeper Anatoly Trubin to capitulate, in my opinion, the only one in the Ukrainian national team who deserved a positive assessment.

— After the defeat in Glasgow, the Ukrainian national team lost the leadership in its group. How do you rate her chances in the fight for promotion in the class?
– Two difficult tests are ahead. First in Yerevan with the Armenians, who are progressing, trying to act technically and quickly. And finally, in Krakow, Poland, with determined Scots, who don’t care where to play – at home or away. If the day after tomorrow our boys in Yerevan prove with their game the coincidence of the failure in Glasgow, then they have a great chance to regain the first place in the end.

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