Rotan and his team. Will the youth national team of Ukraine go to Euro-2023

The youth football team of Ukraine is close to entering the U-21 Euro. The last step for the Ukrainians is to beat Slovakia in head-to-head matches. The matches are scheduled for September 23 and 27.

Rotan evolves like a coach

Ruslan Rotany was strongly criticized after the first selection, and when something started to come out, they began to ignore the successes of the young coach. It’s a pity, because the youth team led by Rotan has spent the last two years very successfully.

Immediately after his appointment, Rotan became a target of criticism because he led the youth team instead of Oleksandr Petrakov, who won the youth world championship before that. It would be logical for Oleksandr Vasyliovych and his wards to take the next step and start working with the “youngster”. But, despite winning the World Cup, Petrakov won the national team in 2003 and started a new cycle with youth teams.

Rotan became the coach of the youth team, because it was the decision of Andriy Shevchenko, the coach of the national team at the time. He wanted to see the system, so that the national and youth teams play according to the same scheme. Rotan was captain of Shevchenko’s team, he could even be in the coaching staff instead of Raul Riancho, but he went to work for the youth team.

UAF Ruslan Rotan

Indeed, Rotan failed the first selection cycle. More precisely, the first part of it. The Ukrainians had neither a game nor a result. They tried to dominate the field, play as number one, but nothing came of it. Ruslan Petrovych wanted to build something of his own, but there was simply no time for it.

One of the main virtues of the “youth” is the locker room. The players are maximally united by a single goal and trust the coach. All this is very reminiscent of “Dnipro”, where Rotan was the captain of the team. A mentor for them is not a coach, but an older friend who can support, give advice, inspire, but not criticize. It is necessary to create conditions for players to show their best qualities.

The team’s style has changed from dominant to rational. Rotan’s wards gave up the idea of ​​controlling the ball for a long time, and tried to quickly cross the middle of the field and simplify the game in defense. That allowed us to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Already in the second part of the last selection, the “youth team” took revenge for the rout from Romania, losing an away victory over the leader of the group – the Danish national team. The success continued in the next selection – the Ukrainians took second place ahead of time, losing only 7 points. Of the failures – only the fiasco in the suburbs of Paris, where everything was decided by the not very necessary removal of Talovyerov with a score of 0:0 at the end of the first half. Then France crushed the opponent – 5:0.

Star forwards do not justify advances

The generations that participated in the Euro looked more convincing than the current one. 2005 – Artem Milevskyi, Oleksandr Aliyev, Dmytro Chygrynskyi, Andriy Pyatov, Taras Mykhalyk. 2011 – Andriy Yarmolenko, Yevhen Konoplyanka, Taras Stepanenko, Roman Zozulya, Artem Kravets, Serhiy Kryvtsov. Now you can’t talk about talents of this level. Everything is very modest. There are not enough players in certain positions.

The two main goalkeepers are Dynamo player Ruslan Nescheret and “miner” Anatoly Trubin. Oleksiy Sych from Kortreyk has no alternative on the right flank of the defense. They started with Maksym Taloverov and Arseniy Batagovy in the center of defense. The former played somewhere in the Czech Republic, and Batagov did not have playing practice in Dnipro-1. Then Anton Bol and Oleksandr Syrota from Dynamo joined them. Left flank behind Dynamo player Kostyantyn Vyvcharenko.

Support zone – players from the “Dynamo” system Bohdan Biloshevskyi, Mykola Mykhaylenko and Volodymyr Brazhko. Above – Artem Bondarenko, Georgy Sudakov, Dmytro Kryskiv. With the support of the young generation – Oleh Ocheretko and Yehor Yarmolyuk. There were problems with the wingers. Rotan actually had two of them – Mykhailo Mudryk and Oleksandr Nazarenko. The first is already a player of the national team, and the second cannot get in shape in “Dnipro-1”. The only alternative is the player “Minaya” Kuliyev. Maksym Bragaru and Maksym Khlan were not called up for contact. Rotan also actively used Sudakov on the flanks. Vlad Vanat can also play there.

UAF Danylo Sikan and Ruslan Rotan

There are some star names in the attack – Vladyslav Supryaga, Mykola Kukharevych, Danylo Sikan, Vladyslav Vanat, Bohdan V’unnyk. But no one was able to assert himself in this position. There were some successful matches, but in general there was a lack of a strong forward. The couple is injured. Others do not consistently play for their clubs.

Who is the team leader? Bondarenko. It is the midfielder of Shakhtar who is the brain center of the team and actually leads its game.

Ukraine is the undisputed favorite in the match against Slovakia

Ukraine was lucky with the draw. We did not get Croatia, which has a very powerful squad. We avoided the difficult flight to Iceland and the special climatic conditions there. We got the weakest possible team – Slovakia. Slovaks became the second in the group only due to the fact that the Russians were disqualified. The winner was Spain. Getting ahead of Malta, Lithuania and Northern Ireland is quite an achievement. In addition to the two defeats against the Spaniards, Slovakia has an away loss against Northern Ireland. But you should not throw hats. At home, Slovaks scored twice against Spain.

Slovakia is a small and not very football country. Hockey prevails here. The level of the local championship is not high. The best talents go to conquer Europe, especially Italy. Most of the “youth” players perform at home. The main star is the reserve forward of “Specia” David Strelets. It is also worth highlighting the captain of the team – Peter Pokorny. The Slovakia defender’s contract belongs to Real Sociedad, but this season he is competing with Ukrainian Evgeny Makarenko for a place in the Hungarian Fehervar team on loan. Pokorny grew up in the system of the Austrian “Salzburg”. In the summer, the central midfielder Jakub Kadak became a player of the Swiss “Lucerne”. The leader of the defense is Sampdoria’s Jakub Ober, but this season he plays for Cagliari. The team is coached by Yaroslav Kentos, who previously worked with Zhilina.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Yaroslav Kentos

There is nothing special about Slovakia’s game. This is a very un-aesthetic team that plays through physical struggles, long passes. They do not play themselves and do not let others play. They look for the opponent’s mistakes or impose a fight, and thanks to this they get a result. The strength of this team is in discipline, teamwork. Individual skill limps on two legs.

The main thing here is that Ukraine does not lose to its problems. We play without a match at home. Sudakov was injured in the match against Celtic. It is very necessary for him to recover. Problems of wingers. The presence of the Wise Man could remove many questions. But he is already in the national team and will prepare for the matches of the National League. I understand that youth football is an opportunity to get into adult football, but Ukraine does not often play at the Euros. Therefore, it is necessary to make an exception for such matches. It is good that at least Trubin was released to help the youth team.

Ilya Zabarny had nothing to do with the youth team. Rotany has no problems with the quality and quantity of center backs. Therefore, this issue should not be raised.

If the Ukrainians will play at the same level as in the group stage of qualification, then there will be no problems with entering the Euro.

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