Slovakia U-21 – Ukraine U-21 – 1:1. Text broadcast. LIVE

The first contact match for qualifying for Euro-2023 U-21.

Slovakia U-21 – Ukraine U-21 – 1:1

Suslov (10) – Vyunnyk (17)

At the 10th minute Suslov did not realize the penalty (goalkeeper)

Slovakia U-21: Belko, Datko, Nemchik, Obert, Mesyk, Lavrynchik, Pokorny, Kadak, Kapralik, Strelets, Suslov.

Reserve: Ludga, Sulya, Nebyla, Myslovych, Galchyk, Trusa, Bakalya, Golyan, Voitko.

Ukraine U-21: Trubin, Vivcharenko, Sirota, Batagov, Sych, Sudakov, Kryskiv, Bondarenko, Mykhaylenko, Vyunnyk, Vanat.

Reserve: Fesyun, Taloverov, Zhelizko, Kukharevych, Sikan, Drambaev, Nazarenko, Brazhko, Ocheretko.

Arbitrator: Allard Lindhout (Netherlands)

Pod Dubnyom Stadium (Žilina, Slovakia)


After the penalty, Sycha Vanat sent the ball into the goal, but the referee recorded offside.


The game is played in the center of the field.


Kryskov violated the rules in the center of the field.



Kryskiv received the ball in the center of the penalty area, put the opponent down with swings, and his shot was pulled by Belko!


Sich violated the rules in the Slovakian penalty area.


Mykhaylenko shot weakly from the penalty line, and Belko took the ball as he fell!


Vanat shot above the goal from the penalty corner.



Sudakov pierced the wall from a free kick – the goalkeeper knocked the ball in front of him while falling, and Vyunnyk played on the finish!


Slovaks fought back after Sych’s sharp cross.


Sich hung a free kick from the right corner, but Vanat did not reach the ball.


After conceding a goal, the Ukrainians immediately launched a sharp attack, but did not end it with a strike.


GOAL! 1:0!

Trubin pulled Suslov’s shot from the mark, but Suslov finished the ball into the goal!



Batagov knocked down an opponent in the penalty corner!


Vanat from the corner of the penalty shot weakly into the goalkeeper’s hands.


Kadak shot unsuccessfully from the penalty line.


An unsuccessful attack by the Slovaks on the right flank.



Suslov moved from the left flank to the center and broke through with a ricochet – Trubin reacted by hitting the corner!


While the game is in the center of the field.


Photo – UAF

On Friday, September 23, the first contact match for qualifying for Euro-2023 U-21 will be held, in which the youth national teams of Slovakia and Ukraine will meet. The match will be held in Zhilin at the “Pyd Dubnyom” stadium and will start at 19:00 Kyiv time.

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In group H of the qualification for the European Championship, the national team of Ukraine took second place, giving up the first position to France. Our team won 7, lost 1 and ended 2 matches in a draw. Slovakia finished second in Group C along with Spain, who qualified directly for the Euros, Northern Ireland, Lithuania and Malta. Russia, whose youth team was disqualified due to the racist invasion of Ukraine, was also supposed to play in this group. It should be noted that the youth national team of Ukraine reached the finals of the European championships twice, and Slovakia U-21 reached such a result only once. will conduct a text broadcast of the match Slovakia U-21 – Ukraine U-21.

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