“For the curse on Mbappe, Paul paid 4 million euros”

“For the curse on Mbappe, Paul paid 4 million euros”
“For the curse on Mbappe, Paul paid 4 million euros”

Paul Pogba’s brother Mathias, who was previously arrested for blackmailing the Juventus midfielder, has revealed how Paul Pogba cursed Kylian Mbappe:

“The turning point came with the 2018 World Cup, when Paul believed more in the witch doctor than in God. He instructed the witch to help the French team win the tournament. Paul then continued his ‘partnership’ in the Champions League to secure Manchester United’s victory over PSG (2019).

The witch was tasked with neutralizing Kylian Mbappe, who was at the peak of his form at the time. It was amazing to see that Kylian was a shadow of his former self during this match.

It’s funny that at the same time, Paul was doing everything he could to get closer to Kylian, as we could see in the media, sympathizing with him and calling him his friend. It went so far that Kylian almost made it a condition of extending his contract with PSG that the club must sign Paul. Of course he didn’t know that behind his back Paul was practicing witchcraft to sabotage his matches.

According to my mother, my brother paid at least 4 million euros for the services of a healer. And all this when his family needed him.”

The article is in Ukrainian

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