Defeat with hope. The U-21 national team of Ukraine lost to Slovakia

The youth national teams of Slovakia and Ukraine held the first face-to-face match for a ticket to the European Championship, which will take place in 2023.

The Slovaks started the match aggressively, and in the fourth minute, Suslov tested Trubin’s reaction. The home team’s attacks continued, which led to trouble at the “blue-yellow” goal. In our penalty area, Batagov hit the leg of an opponent who jumped out from behind, after which the referee pointed to the 11-meter mark. Suslov did not beat Trubin from the penalty, but sent the ball into the goal on the finish.

The Ukrainians immediately moved the game to Slovakia’s half of the field, trying to quickly equalize the score. Sych, who was active on the right flank, was especially noticeable. Soon, Kryskiv earned a free kick in front of Slovakia’s goal. The goalkeeper managed Sudakov’s shot, but Vyunnyk was accurate in finishing.

“Blue and Yellow”, having equalized the result, continued to have the initiative. Kryskiv could have scored, but Bielko managed his shot from the center of the penalty area. But the end of the first half of the meeting was left to the Slovaks. Once again, Trubin demonstrated his reaction, who deflected the ball after another Suslov shot.

The second half began with troubles for our team: Strelets from the corner of the goal area did not leave Trubin a chance. And again, the Ukrainians organized a quick response. A quick combination ended with Bondarenko’s cross and Kryskiv’s accurate shot. But in just a few minutes, the “blue-yellow” once again found themselves in the role of those who are recovering. The same Strelets in the center of our penalty area dealt with Batagovy and shot right into the corner.

Ruslan Rotan’s wards took control of the ball, trying to open up the Slovakian defense once again. But this time the home team acted coherently, obviously playing to keep the score. The chance to draw a tie at the end of the meeting was missed by Sikan, who shot near the post after a cross from the corner of the penalty area.

The rivals will play the return match on September 27.

The first contact match for qualifying for Euro-2023 U-21.

Slovakia U-21 – Ukraine U-21 – 3:2

Suslov (10), Strelets (46, 53) – Vyunnyk (17), Kryskiv (49)

At the 10th minute Suslov did not realize the penalty (goalkeeper)

Suslov (55), Kapralik (80) – Vyvcharenko (72), Sirota (83), Ocheretko (90)

Slovakia U-21: Belko, Datko, Nemczyk, Obert (Voitko, 84), Mesyk, Lavrynchyk, Pokorny, Kadak (Nebyla, 91), Kapralik (Holyan, 84), Strelets (Trusa, 73), Suslov (Galchyk, 92).

Ukraine U-21: Trubin, Vyvcharenko, Syrota, Batagov (Taloverov, 60), Sych, Sudakov, Kryskiv (Kukharevich, 86), Bondarenko, Mykhaylenko (Nazarenko, 60), Vyunnyk (Ocheretko, 71), Vanat (Sikan, 71).

Arbitrator: Allard Lindhout (Netherlands)

Pod Dubnyom Stadium (Žilina, Slovakia)


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