Sh4dowehhh spoke about the composition of NAVI

Sh4dowehhh spoke about the composition of NAVI
Sh4dowehhh spoke about the composition of NAVI

Analyst Dota 2 Eugene Sh4dowehhh Alekseev spoke about the composition Natus Vincere. Alekseev shared his opinion during a personal broadcast on Twitch, a moment from the stream was published on the LEGENDWP YouTube channel.

Evgeniy Sh4dowehhh Alekseev

[Что думаю о будущем NAVI?] I don’t really like it for many reasons. At V tune everything has been going hard for the last year, sweden strong also not Jesus Christ, one might say. Yes and no[o]ne with Broom Handle runs 40 minutes. A lot of problems [у состава].

Former NAVI player George sweden strong Zainalabidov spoke about training the roster for the Last Chance stage at The International 2022. According to him, NAVI hope to show a better result, because the preparation for past tournaments was “very bad.”

According to the results of the regional qualifier for TI11, the NAVI roster got to the last chance tournament. The stage will take place from October 8 to October 12 in Singapore, where two participants in the group stage will be determined – it will begin on October 15. Together with NAVI from the CIS, the tournament will also feature

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