A successful substitution brings Bartulovich his first victory. Ingulets

A successful substitution brings Bartulovich his first victory. Ingulets
A successful substitution brings Bartulovich his first victory. Ingulets

Not much time has passed since the moment when the president of “Ingulets” Oleksandr Povoroznyuk decided to change eras. A week ago, the “Cossacks” announced the retirement of Serhiy Lavrynenko, with whom they played in the final of the Ukrainian Cup, and also made their debut in the elite of Ukrainian football. An experienced coach was replaced by an experienced player, but still a beginner in terms of coaching – Mladen Bartulovich. There is nothing to say about his achievements yet, because he played one match, moreover, not against a street team, but against “Dynamo” (1:2). Today’s opponent was much more favorable to show his strengths. “Lviv” is second to last in the table, ahead of “Ingulets” by two points. So today we had not only a test of Bartulovich the coach, but also a battle between two outsiders.

Oleg Dulub continues to train a limited number of personnel. The mentor has little opportunity for rotation, but he does it anyway, especially after bad matches. Today, for example, he dared to leave Krushynskyi and Muravskyi in reserve. Both were solid starters and one of the most consistent players in the blue and gold who didn’t find a place on the field today. Instead, the experienced Serhiy Siminin came out from the first minutes. You probably remember him for the matches for “Volyn”, in which the 35-year-old center back played 234 matches. On November 21, he returned to the UPL.

Expecting an extravaganza in today’s game is like hoping to see snow in June. That is, it is possible, but if it happens as a result, then everything will be attributed to an anomaly. At the start, “Ingulets” looked more interesting, which, although a little banal, tried to play as the number one. “Lviv” did not interfere, gave the ball away and waited for its moment. He was not there for long, but the “Cossacks” distinguished themselves with their attack. Sitalo received outside the penalty area, managed to turn around, and after delivering a good shot in the direction of Ilyuschenkov – higher. Although if he had hit the forward in the nine, it would have been a masterpiece. Well, one of the main episodes of the entire first half happened already in its second half. Zaporizhzhia cut a perfect pass to the penalty area, Kuharuk managed to adjust to the ball, punched, but the sphere treacherously hit the crossbar. True, there is justice in the world. At the very whistle for the break, Marusych, who came on as a substitute (Kozak was injured during the half), perfectly caught the ball on his foot outside the penalty area, scoring a very beautiful goal against Ilyuschenkov. 1:0 at the end of the half in favor of “Ingulets” – it could not be fairer.

The second half was a continuation of the first, even the lawn stopped contributing to even a little quality football. Yes, in the mud it was basically impossible to count on bright football. We could only hope for the technical skill of the players, but this, as you know, is far from the strongest component of both “Ingulets” and “Lviv”. In addition, the hosts were no longer interested in football being revealed. They were satisfied with the faceless tyranny, because it left more chances that the game would calmly go to the finish line with a score of 1:0.

As a result, in 45 minutes, we saw two moments when “Lviv” was no longer thinking about defense, but thinking about how to win the field. At first, in the chaos inside the field, Kuharuk found an opportunity to give a free kick to Sital on the right edge, Artem took it, removed the defender, but faked it in front of the goalkeeper on the emerald lawn very unsuccessfully. Subsequently, Odaryuk, in a somewhat similar story, punched Ilyushchenkov when coming face to face. In addition to all the problems, Oleg Dulub also lost Hrysia, who earned two yellow cards in two unnecessary situations and now will not help the Lviv team in the last match of the year.

Mladen Bartulovich wins his debut as a head coach. But based on the game that was played, only one conclusion can be drawn: the Croatian coach’s team feels better in the swamp. It has nothing to do with football.

Ingulets – FC Lviv 1:0
Maksym Marusych, 45

Ingulets: Oleksiy Palamarchuk, Yevhen Zaporozhets, Vladyslav Klymenko, Oleksandr Kozak (Maxim Marusych 21, Andriy Korobenko 90), Artem Sitalo (Volodymyr Odaryuk 85), Oleksandr Kucherenko, Vitaly Pavlov (Dmytro Pospyelov 46), Artem Smolyakov, Dmytro Nagiyev, Maksym Kovalev, Andriy Kuharuk (Ivan Golovkin 90)

FC Lviv: Oleksandr Ilyuschenkov, Artem Vovkun (Mykhailo Shishka 53), Vitaly Boyko (Arthur Remenyak 67), Vladyslav Bugai, Nazarii Nich, Roman Nikityuk, Pavlo Polenenko (Boris Krushinskyi 53), Serhii Siminin (Nazarii Muravskyi 53), Artem Mylchenko, Maksym Hrysio, Oleksandr Vasiliev

Warning: Vladyslav Klymenko 12, Maksym Marusych 29 – Maksym Grisyo 29, Oleksandr Vasiliev 65, Maksym Grisyo 84

Withdrawal: Maxim Grisio 84 (second yellow)

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