the story of the giant girl will leave you speechless

the story of the giant girl will leave you speechless
the story of the giant girl will leave you speechless

November 22, 2022 10:15 am

Huge growth did not become an obstacle to personal happiness.

Brazilian Elisan Silva became famous during her school years. At the age of ten, the girl reached the height of an adult man. Gradually, Silva learned to live with such a feature and even receive profits from it.

The phenomenal growth of a girl cannot be explained by genetics, because she has the most ordinary parents. And the growth of Elisan by the age of 11 reached 180 centimeters.

However, this feature turned into not only complexes, but also health problems. Silva’s bones began to ache terribly. Unfortunately, the family did not have enough money for expensive examinations. But they were lucky that journalists became interested in the girl’s story and paid for testing at the clinic.

The results showed that Silva has a benign tumor on his pituitary gland. It was she who provoked the unnatural growth of the body. The Brazilian had to come to terms with the diagnosis. When the girl grew up, she took up the modeling business.

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Today, the growth of 27-year-old Silva is 214 centimeters. Gigantism did not prevent her from getting married and starting a family. It is known that the husband is 20 centimeters lower than Elisan.

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