Embolo scored with his own. Switzerland narrowly defeated the national team of Cameroon

Embolo scored with his own. Switzerland narrowly defeated the national team of Cameroon
Embolo scored with his own. Switzerland narrowly defeated the national team of Cameroon

The former forward of “Barcelona” and “Inter” Samuel Eto’o, who currently heads the Football Federation of Cameroon, made an interesting prediction on the eve of the World Cup in Qatar. According to the legend of the Cameroon national team, who, by the way, ended his career in Qatar two years ago, the current championship will be a benefit for the African national teams. So, according to Eto’o, the national teams of… Cameroon and Morocco will play in the final.

It is unlikely that Eto’o bet a large amount on the championship of Cameroon, but the fact that the “Untamed Lions” under the leadership of Samuel’s former partner and another legend – Rygober Song will drink the blood of all the opponents of Group G – you can not go to shamans. In each line, Cameroon have leaders who play at top clubs – Onana from Inter in goal, Zambo-Angissa from Napoli in midfield, Schupo-Moting from Bayern Munich in attack.

The first opponent on the path of the “lions” was strong and unyielding Switzerland. Komanla Murat Yakina left behind Italy in the selection, which ultimately did not get to the tournament. In addition, the Swiss performed well in the League of Nations, gaining 9 points in a group with Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

In general, the match turned out to be quite equal and to some extent similar to the match between Croatia and Morocco in Group F. Except that the speeds performed by the Swiss and Cameroonians were not as high as in the previous African-European confrontation. In the first half, the opponents responded to the rationalism of the Swiss with quick attacks on Sommer’s goal, but there were no dangerous moments, and the Africans’ hopes of earning a penalty were not answered by the Argentinian referee Facundo Tello.

The only more or less dangerous moment was created by the Swiss before the break: Akanji, after Vargas’ cross from the left wing, made a header, but missed the goal.

And at the beginning of the second half, Switzerland organized an excellent attack, quickly transferring the ball from the left flank to the right and bringing Brel Embolo into a striking position. Shaqiri made a cross from the right flank, and Embolo sent the ball past Onan unimpeded. At the same time, it should be noted that the “Monaco” forward did not celebrate the goal, as he himself was born in Cameroon and could have played for the national team of his homeland.

However, the missed ball did not wake up the “Untamed Lions”, who at first pressed closer to their goal. Switzerland looked pretty confident. Even in the stretches when Yakin’s wards did not have the ball, there was no feeling that they could miss. Cameroon, in fact, did nothing in attack. Therefore, a defeat in the opening match of the World Cup is quite natural.

In general, this is the eighth consecutive defeat at the World Championships for the “Untamed Lions”. Will it still be…

WC-2022. Group G. 1st round

Switzerland – Cameroon – 1:0
Embolo, 48.

Switzerland: Sommer, Widmer, Elvedi, Akanji, Rodriguez (Djemert, 90), Shaqiri (Okafor, 72), Xhaka, Froyler, Sow (Fry, 71), Vargas (Reeder, 81), Embolo (Seferovic, 72).

Cameroon: Onana, Fe, Nkulu, Castelletto, Tolo, Zambo-Angissa, Gwet, Ongla (Ondua, 68), Shupo-Moting (Abubakar, 74), Toko-Ekambi (Nkudu, 74), Mbemo (Ngamale, 81).

Warning: Fe (36), Elvedi (64), Akanji (83).

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