there are three names on the list

there are three names on the list
there are three names on the list

November 24, 2022 19:00

Women who bear these names are unlikely to find a common language with their son-in-law.

There are so many anecdotes and tales about the complex relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish fiction from reality – it seems that such unbearable “mothers” only exist in folklore. However, experts in the field of esotericism argue that overly harsh, picky or capricious mothers-in-law do exist, and, as a rule, they have certain names. We tell you which owners of names will certainly not be able to get along with their daughter’s husband.


At the first meeting with her son-in-law, the owner of the name Alla gives the impression of an ideal mother-in-law. Clever, charming, elegant, she seems understanding and tactful, the one that will never interfere in the lives of the young – in extreme cases, she will be limited to delicate wise advice. But as soon as the son-in-law makes some mistake, Alla will not be silent. In the newly minted family, she invariably takes the side of her daughter and protects her with all her characteristic fervor.

The mother-in-law who bears this name is surprisingly insightful – she easily finds her son-in-law’s weak points in order to be able to manipulate him if necessary.


The bearer of the name Lydia also does not immediately show her true face to her son-in-law. First, she beats around the bush, studying a new relative, and then, at the most unexpected moment, begins to torment him with questions and remarks. A person who wants to connect his fate with Lydia’s daughter needs to know that this mother-in-law will constantly compare him with her husband, with the husbands of her friends and former admirers of her daughter – and, of course, the comparison will not be in his favor at all.

“And what she only found in you”, Lydia will shake her head. In addition, the owners of this name love to visit young people without warning.


Don’t feed Maya with bread – let someone build and command from the heart. Throughout her own family life, she led her husband and children, but as soon as a new person appears in the house, she will willingly turn all her attention to him. Maya is a mother-in-law who, it seems, wants only good things for young people and wears a friendly mask on her face, but in fact, criticism and nasty things are hidden under her compliments. Like Alla, the owner of this name is fluent in the art of manipulation.

She can deliberately interfere in the lives of the newlyweds and quarrel with them in order to have fun.

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