Brazil Serbia – review and report of the match on November 24 at the World Cup 2022

Brazil Serbia – review and report of the match on November 24 at the World Cup 2022
Brazil Serbia – review and report of the match on November 24 at the World Cup 2022

World Championship-2022, group G, 1st round

Brazil – Serbia – 2:0

Goals: Richarlison, 62, 73

Teams started on equal footing. The Balkans tried to respond with an attack to every attack of the Brazilian masters. But the pentacampeons wasted their time. And the Serbian national team actually did not create anything before the break.

The first opportunity arose in the 14th minute. It was Neymar who decided to test the goalkeeper’s vigilance with a “dry sheet” from a corner on the left flank. But Vanja Milinković-Savic deflected the ball from the goal line. And before the break, Vinicius’ promising chance on the left edge of the penalty area was leveled by Milenkovic.

From the start of the second half, Brazil’s pressure increased, so there were more chances. Here, Rafinha failed to beat the goalkeeper after an interception in the opponent’s half. Alex Sandro’s unexpected shot hit the post. And then Richarlison got down to business.

The Tottenham striker opened the scoring in the 62nd minute, finding himself in the right place at the right time. Vinicius sharply shot along the goal from the left flank, Vanja Milinkovich-Savic deflected in front of him, and the “nine” pentacampeons finished the ball into the net.

And in about 11 minutes, Richarlison designed a real masterpiece. The goal combination began as usual – from the left edge of the attack, where the tireless Vinicius “Swede” cut the ball to the center of the penalty area. Already there, “Pombo” received the ball and effectively stuck the ball under the post with side scissors.

Courage has gone. Casemiro dared to shoot from distance, but the ball hit the crossbar. Then Fred tried to aim for the left corner from the semi-circle of the penalty area – the goalkeeper pulled the midfielder’s shot. But it was not destined to score yet.

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