UAF lawyers came up with an interesting scheme to smear Pavelko

UAF lawyers came up with an interesting scheme to smear Pavelko
UAF lawyers came up with an interesting scheme to smear Pavelko

To the President of the UAF Andrii Pavelka and the General Secretary of the Ukrainian Association Yuriy Zapisotskyi On November 25, the measure of preventive measure will be chosen.

This was reported by journalist Kostyantyn Andriyuk. He also received information that UAF lawyers want to transfer all responsibility from the president of the association to the first vice-president of UAF Vadym Kostyuchenko.

“Today at 10:00 a.m., the Pechersk Court of Kyiv will choose the measure of preventive measure for Yuriy Zapisotskyi, General Secretary of the UAF. At 11:00 a.m. – for the chairman of the UAF Andriy Pavelek.

I have incredible information from very reliable sources. I’ll take the risk of making it public, we’ll see if it comes true today.

So, the lawyers of UAF came up with an interesting scheme. Like, when Zapisotsky signed papers about the plant, offshore, funds – the duties of the head of the UAF were performed by… Vadym Kostyuchenko. The purpose of this scheme is to get Pavelko out of the attack and hang all the criminal charges on Kostyuchenko.

Now the UAF is essentially falsifying. There is information that they made a new cliché for the seal. To issue an order on Pavelko’s business trip abroad on the date when he was actually on a business trip abroad and at that time his duties were performed by the 1st vice-president of UAF Kostyuchenko.

I wonder if Vadym Kostyuchenko himself is aware of these schemes and is he ready to go behind bars?

Whether it is so or not, we can find out today, starting at 11:00 a.m.,” wrote Andriyuk.

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