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Near Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a Russian landing craft of the Serna type. What is known about him and what are his main characteristics – read the material

By words Representative of the Odessa military administration Sergei Bratchuk, the Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian landing boat of the “Serna” type in the Black Sea. The video of the destruction was published by the press service of the operational command “South”.

What is known about the landing craft of the type “Serna”

The landing craft “Serna” was designed by the Central Design Bureau (TsKB) from the “SPK named after R. E. Alekseev” in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. At first, such boats were created for use in the dock chambers of landing ships, but they are used independently.

Landing boats of the “Serna” type are distinguished by high speed due to the use of the principle of movement on an artificial gas or air cavity, which is located on the bottom of the hull. The hull itself is made of aluminum-magnesium alloys with anti-bullet and anti-fragmentation armor. The ship features an open tank platform. The boats of this project are intended for transportation with subsequent landing on an unequipped shore of advanced landing units with full armament in the amount of up to 92 people, as well as military wheeled, tracked and other military equipment weighing up to 45 tons.

They belong to the ships of the 4th rank. Named in honor of the common trumps (Russian “chamois”) – an artiodactyl mammal from the goat subfamily.

Landing craft of the “Serna” type: main characteristics

Landing craft type “Serna”: characteristics /

  • Overall length: 23.55 m;
  • Length according to design waterline: 22 m;
  • Overall width: 5.8m;
  • Width on design waterline: 5.7m;
  • Side height at stem: 3.45 m;
  • Overall height with mast: 9.6 m;
  • Displacement: 53.8 tons;
  • Displacement full without load: 61 tons;
  • Displacement full with cargo: 99.7 tons;
  • Engines: two diesel engines of the M503A brand;
  • The weight: 5450 kg.

Landing capabilities boats of the “Serna” type: can transport one main tank or two / two infantry fighting vehicles / armored personnel carriers or up to 45 tons of any cargo or 92 landing personnel.

Application during the Russian-Ukrainian war

On May 7, 2022, Ukrainian troops using a Bayraktar TV2 drone destroyed a Russian landing craft of the Serna type near the Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea. Since the end of February 2022, Zmeiny Island has been occupied by Russian troops.

During the impact on the boat of the “Serna” type, there was manpower, as well as the “Tor” air defense system of the Russian Federation.

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