Angelina Jolie presented a ring from a Ukrainian manufacturer Ukraine news

About this reported Khmelnytsky jewelry factory “ONYX” on Instagram.

Photo: ONYX jewelry factory

It is known that during the visit of the goodwill ambassador of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Angelina Jolie to Lviv in April, she was presented with a ring from map of Ukraine. The actress immediately put it on her ring finger. As it turned out later, this ring was made by Ukrainian craftsmen.

Photo: ONYX jewelry factory

Photo: ONYX jewelry factory

It should be noted that in Lviv, Jolie met with children affected by the Russian shelling. The actress also visited one of the boarding schools and talked to volunteers who provide medical and psychological assistance at the Main Railway Station in Lviv.

  • Before reportedthat in Lviv Angelina Jolie visited children affected by the Russian shelling.
  • Also a little girl in Lviv showed Jolie fragment from a Russian rocket.

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