Armed Forces of Ukraine captured the famous sniper “Bagheera” from ORDLO –

The sniper agreed to cooperate with the investigation. She claims to have been abandoned on the battlefield.

Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured a well-known Serbian sniper of militants from ORDLO with the call sign “Bagira”.

This is referring to the Ukrainian volunteer Vlad Ivanov, according to DonPress.


According to volunteer Vlad Ivanov, the wounded “Bagheera” is in captivity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, she was provided with medical assistance. According to Ukrainian intelligence services, since 2014, the sniper has been serving in the units of the “People’s Militia of the DPR”.

It is clarified that on the account of a woman there are many lives of both Ukrainian military and civilians who are objectionable to the authorities of the occupied regions of Donbass. In total, about 40 people.

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According to the volunteer, the sniper agreed to cooperate with the investigation. She claims to have been abandoned on the battlefield.

“They abandoned me. Knowing that I was injured, and having the opportunity to pick me up, they simply decided to drain, hoping that I would die,” she explained.

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As you know, “Bagheera” is a citizen of Serbia, Daniela Lazovic. She was a successful regional league handball player. Over time, she ended up in the Tuman Monastery, in eastern Serbia, not far from the city of Golubac on the Danube. There she became “Sister Xenia”, then she was appointed abbess.

“Mother Xenia” often left the monastery and traveled in civilian clothes to Belgrade or Kosovo. For some, these trips began to arouse suspicion. The police took up the case and found that the young abbess was a drug dealer. The nun was convicted, however, how much she spent behind bars is not specified. After her release, Daniela broke off contact with her parents and friends, and in November 2014 she left for Ukraine and joined the ranks of the pro-Russian organization Oplot.

Recall that the pilot of the Russian SU-34 Alexander Krasnoyartsev, who was shot down and detained on the outskirts of Chernigov on March 5, admitted that he had shot a civilian Ukrainian.

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