Famous activist Roman Ratushny died in the war

The defender gave his life in the battle of Izyum

A 24-year-old intelligence officer from the 93rd Kholodny Yar OMBR was killed by the enemy on June 9. This was reported in the public organization “Let’s Protect Protasiv Yar”, headed by Ratushny.

It is noted that Roman Ratushny died while being a member of a combat group and performing a combat mission.

On July 5, Roma should have turned 25… He was a nationalist all his life: a participant in the Revolution of Dignity at the age of 16, a public activist. From the first day of the full-scale Russian invasion, Roman took part in the battles near Kyiv, and then, as part of the 93rd OMBR “Cold Yar”, he liberated Trostyanets, fought in the Sumy region and near Izyum.
– noted in the organization.

The date of the funeral will be announced later.

Roman Ratushny is 24 years old / Photo by NGO “Let’s Protect Protasiv Yar”

War takes away the best

Serhiy Sternenko also wrote about the activist’s death. He stressed that Ukraine will take revenge for its heroes.

The war is taking away the best of us. Roma Town Hall, my friend, we will miss you very much. Ukraine will not have enough. For the whole country has lost not just a Hero, but a citizen who could and did change the whole country for the better,
– Sternenko noted.

He added that “the best monument to Roman will be our future struggle. The struggle for Ukraine, during the defense of which he died.”

“We will take revenge and do everything we can to make sure you are not ashamed of us in heaven,” Sternenko added.

Roman Ratushny together with Serhiy Sternenko / Photo of Sternenko’s telegrams

Roman Ratushny was a well-known Kyiv activist

The young man was one of the students beaten by security forces on the Maidan in 2013.

Roman Ratushny became famous during a series of protests against the construction of Protasov Yar in Kyiv. He was the chairman of the initiative, and then of the public organization “Let’s Protect Protasiv Yar”.

In November 2019, Roman Ratushny announced threats from the developer and said he had to go into hiding.

The town hall also took part in protests in support of Serhiy Sternenko, for which he was handed over on suspicion. Then the windows in the building were broken and the doors burned.

Well-known military correspondent Oleksiy Chubashev was also killed in the war: watch the video

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