Antonov bridge in Kherson – what happened there and why it is important

Antonov bridge in Kherson – what happened there and why it is important
Antonov bridge in Kherson – what happened there and why it is important

What happened

Antonivskyi Bridge suffered significant damage as a result of a series of attacks by the Ukrainian army. On the night of July 27, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made another pinpoint strike on the overpass across the Dnipro, due to which the occupying “authorities” of Kherson closed the bridge passage.

The Kherson OVA reported that the bridge was not completely destroyed, but due to the damage it was impossible to move on it.

A few days earlier, after a missile attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, traffic on the overpass was blocked for trucks.

At the time, collaborators said that the bridge had been hit by HIMARS, but that its structure remained intact and that it was serviceable.

The highway is under fire control of the Armed Forces

Operational command “South” confirmed the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Antoniv bridge in the Kherson region. The night strikes on July 27 were called “filigree”.

The head of the press center of the security and defense forces of southern Ukraine, Nataliya Gumenyuk, answered the question about the strikes on the crossing in a comment to RBC-Ukraine:

1. Statements of collaborators about hitting other bridges in OK “South” do not comment.

2. Can the Russians continue to use the Antoniv bridge for their own purposes?

The Ukrainian military command does not know all the objectives of the occupiers and how exactly they want to use the bridge. However, it is known that the Antoniv bridge is damaged and is under fire control of the Armed Forces. “We are creating all the conditions so that the use of this bridge is only for the benefit of Ukraine. If they want to go in the opposite direction (from the right to the left bank of the Dnieper – ed.), then please,” Natalya Humenyuk said.

3. Is it possible to estimate the degree of damage to the Antoniv bridge?

At the moment, none of the experts in Ukraine will be able to give an assessment of the damage to the crossing, as photos and videos from the scene of events cannot be trusted. As Natalya Humenyuk reported, it is not possible to carry out an engineering assessment of the bridge’s load-carrying capacity based on them. And since this is an occupied territory, fire control is the best that Ukrainian forces can do in this situation.

Where is Antonivsky Bridge and why is it important?

Antonivsky road and pedestrian bridge is located 30 km from Kherson. It connects the village of Antonivka and the city of Oleshki.

The bridge is of strategic importance, as it is one of only three crossings across the Dnipro in the Kherson region.

In addition to the Antoniv bridge, you can cross the river on the dam on the Kakhov reservoir in Nova Kakhovka (70 km from Kherson) or on the railway bridge 6 km from the city.

For the Russian troops, the Antoniv bridge is the main “artery” for the supply of equipment and ammunition from Crimea and territories temporarily not controlled by Ukraine. Therefore, blocking the crossing will deprive the occupiers of transport connections and ways for an organized retreat.

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