Show business news: Kevin Sorbo urged not to send money to Ukraine

American actor Kevin Sorbo decided to be a political expert.

Star of the series “The Amazing Adventures of Hercules” Kevin Sorbo expressed his point of view regarding the war in Ukraine.

The celebrity is outraged that countries, in particular the USA, help Ukrainians, who are currently defending the country from the Russian invaders, financially. In his Twitter, the actor called to stop sending funds to Ukraine.

“Stop sending money to Ukraine,” Kevin wrote.

Sorbo did not explain his position. However, in the comments, readers reproached the actor for allegedly being a supporter of the “Russian world”. In particular, they reminded the celebrity of how he came to Moscow in 2013 to celebrate the New Year there.

Kevin Sorbo / Photo: Associated Press

But, unfortunately, there were those who supported Kevin’s position. Publicist Nick Adams is worried about whether Ukraine will be able to return the money.

“Is Ukraine going to pay any of this back?” – wrote the publicist.

It should be noted that Kevin Sorbo is an American actor, best known for his role as Hercules in the series “The Amazing Adventures of Hercules” and the role of Dylan Gant in the series “Andromeda”.

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