Ferris wheel, which Putin opened yesterday, broke in Moscow – UNIAN

The attraction was closed just a day after the pompous opening.

The ferris wheel at VDNKh in Moscow closed a day after the opening, on which Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was personally present.

This is reported by the Telegram channel “Caution, news”.

Employees of the attraction “Sun of Moscow” said that it was closed to visitors for technical reasons. Already purchased tickets are offered to be returned through the application on the website and at the box office.

Officially, the reason for the closure of the attraction, which Putin called “the largest Ferris wheel in Europe,” is the calibration of the system.

While Putin opened the “Sun of Moscow”, his army shamefully fled from the Kharkov region from the counteroffensive of Ukrainian soldiers. Earlier it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region from Russian invaders.

In total, Ukrainian fighters have already won back 2.5 thousand kilometers from the invaders in the Kharkiv direction.

In parallel, the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues in the south. On August 29, the Armed Forces of Ukraine went on the offensive in the south. Ukrainian fighters broke through the first line of defense of the Russians in the Kherson region.

On that day, it became known that the occupiers began to flee: the 109th regiment of the so-called “DPR” retreated from their positions in the Kherson region, and the Russian paratroopers who supported them fled the battlefield.

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