A hacker leaked a video from GTA 6 – what Rockstar Games says

A hacker leaked a video from GTA 6 – what Rockstar Games says
A hacker leaked a video from GTA 6 – what Rockstar Games says

Rockstar Games has broken its silence on the recent Grand Theft Auto 6 leak in a message on the studio’s official Twitter account. The company confirmed the leak regarding the upcoming game.

Rockstar Games commented on the outpouring

In its statement, Rockstar confirms that its systems were indeed compromised by an “unauthorized third party”. The company expressed its disappointment that fans eagerly awaiting GTA 6 learned of any new details in this way.

However, Rockstar assures the public that this incident will not have any impact on the game services Grand Theft Auto Online or on the development of GTA 6, and the company continues to work on the continuation of the series.

What fans learned from the leak

At least 90 videos of GTA 6 raw footage were released online on Sunday, showing off an early build of what appears to be an open-world version of Miami.

The footage is consistent with previous rumors of GTA 6 returning to the iconic Vice City. In addition, now the main character of the game will be a woman.

Massive GTA 6 Data Leak:

  • On Sunday, September 18, videos of the upcoming game began to appear online. Subsequently, the famous insider Jason Schreier, who spoke with employees from Rockstar Games, confirmed that this is GTA 6 footage.
  • The merged footage is from a test version of the game circa 2019. Instead, the game is now actually ready for release, including cutscenes and other tidbits.
  • Subsequently, the hacker behind the leak asked that representatives of the publisher Rockstar Games contact him. It seems he is demanding a ransom to stop the rain.

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