Putin wants to end the war as soon as possible – Erdogan

Putin wants to end the war as soon as possible – Erdogan
Putin wants to end the war as soon as possible – Erdogan

He stated this in an interview with the American TV channel PBS after a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation at a summit in Uzbekistan.

“He (Putin — ed.) actually made it clear to me that he was ready to end it (by war – ed.) as soon as possible. I got this impression because the situation is developing quite problematically”he noted.

According to Erdogan, Russia should not be allowed to keep part of the captured Ukrainian territories.

“When we talk about mutual consent, that’s what we mean. If peace is established in Ukraine, then, of course, the return of the occupied land will be very important.”he emphasized.

And he added that the president of Russia already “took some steps” and “we have taken certain steps”probably referring to the Turkish authorities.

Mediation of Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly offered Turkey’s mediation role in a series of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, particularly after the full-scale invasion of Russian invaders.

On the one hand, Turkey supports Ukraine: it offers Crimean Tatars long-term residence permits in the country, assistance in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and demining of territories.

On the other hand, Turkey does not stop cooperation with the Russian Federation: it has agreed to pay for Russian gas in rubles, to connect Turkish banks to the Russian payment system “Mir”, etc. According to the State Statistics Service of Turkey, in the first half of 2022, Turkey’s exports to the Russian Federation reached their maximum in 8 years.

According to the mass media, the West even began to discuss the possible introduction of sanctions against Turkey due to its deepening of financial cooperation with Russia.

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