Fall 2022 footwear anti-trends: models you definitely shouldn’t buy

Fashion changes, so it should not be surprising that every new season, anti-trends appear that force women of fashion to review their wardrobe. Of course, there are classics that will always be in fashion, but this is rather an exception to the rule. In the article, we have collected the main anti-trends of footwear for the fall of 2022.

Chelsea with a cut

Chelsea is one of the most fashionable shoe models for autumn. Incredibly comfortable and stylish boots look good in almost any image of a lady. But among all the options, it is worth excluding the strange model with a cut. Because of this detail, the shoes will constantly fly off, and this option looks ridiculous.

Boots on a flat sole

Recently, a more massive and rough sole on shoes is gaining more and more popularity. This fall, you should put away boots with a flat inconspicuous sole, and buy yourself a stylish model. Unfortunately, such a thin sole makes the boots boring and cheap.

Wide ankle boots

Ankle boots that widen instead of narrowing at the ankle make the legs look fuller. With such shoes, the harmony of the image is disturbed, the beauty is lost, and the silhouette looks ridiculous. Give preference to models where the shoes narrow at the ankle, so that it is possible to emphasize the slimness of the legs.

High Uggs

In principle, Uggs are slowly going out of fashion, but high Uggs became the main anti-trend of autumn. This model is considered uncomfortable, it looks too massive, and it is very difficult to choose clothes for it.

Shoes with fur on the outside

Shoes with fur on the outside look like they forgot to finish them. Moreover, any detail on the shoes makes your legs even bigger, and several times over. With such a model, you will look like a short and short-legged lady.

Boots with decorative elements

Too bright and shiny decor on shoes is already a moveton.

Wedge ankle boots

A square toe, a thick heel and a minimum of decor – these are the shoes that are in trend. Other wedge ankle boots with a round toe should be put out of sight.

Tight boots

Once upon a time, seductive stocking boots were at the peak of popularity. But fashion decided that the lady looks too vulgar in them and instead offered more comfortable tube boots or with an accordion.

Fashionistas should follow anti-trends in the world of shoes. After all, your whole image depends on them, and an incorrectly selected model can indicate your bad taste.

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