Will Russia use nuclear weapons?

Will Russia use nuclear weapons?
Will Russia use nuclear weapons?

Russia is already hinting at the possibility of using nuclear weapons.

However, if this happens, the United States will not let Russia’s actions go unpunished.

Military expert and political scientist Dmytro Snegiryov told about this in a comment on TSN.ua.

“The Russians are directly hinting at the possibility of a pre-emptive tactical nuclear strike. This is what Medvedev says openly. And he plays the role of the deceased Zhirinovsky. That is, it is direct nuclear blackmail. But the USA will not leave it like that. If a tactical nuclear strike is carried out on the territory of an independent state. We are not even talking about the allies of the NATO bloc. And the USA cannot give slack, because they are being watched by China, Iran and North Korea. That is why they have already warned about “red lines” from the side of the USA that cannot be crossed. And the Kremlin understands this. “For the USSR, the invasion of Afghanistan ended in disintegration and shameful peace agreements. There are many such examples in the history of Russia. Russia is a bear that has stood on its hind legs and thinks that someone will be afraid of them,” Snegiriov said.

It will be recalled that a military expert commented on Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons.

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