Oleg Skrypka named an artist who had surprised him since the war

Oleg Skrypka, the soloist of the VV rock group, spoke about his fellow artist, who is currently defending Ukraine on the front lines.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, some artists went abroad to give charity concerts, while others remained in Ukraine.

Leader of the Ukrainian band “Vopli Vidopliasova” Oleg Skrypka told that one of the artists, who is currently defending Ukraine on the front line, surprised him.

In particular, this is Skrypka’s friend, from whom he did not expect such a return. According to the musician, he was pleasantly surprised by Kolya Serga.

Kolya Serga / Photo: instagram.com/thekolya

“And there are serious, cool people. Unexpected. For example, my friend Kolya Serga. He is a talented artist, a very good person. I have known and respected him for a long time. A Russian-speaking Odessan. Cool, soulful. But I never took Odessans seriously. Because I thought: well, the victims of Russian propaganda. The monument to Kateryna, all this history of them… And here Kolya Serga – opachki! On February 24, he switches to the Ukrainian language, writes beautiful songs and poetry and goes to the Armed Forces. I could never, never do that to expect from Kolya! I knew him, but it turns out that he is a real strong person. He understands what and how is happening on the planet,” Skrypka said in an interview with Alina Dorotiuk.

Kolya Serga / Photo: instagram.com/thekolya

Instead, the musician despises the stars who left Ukraine and did not return because of the war.

“Each person stands in front of the mirror of his conscience. This is his decision and responsibility. For me, there are people who are just “for the dragons” and that’s all. They can’t do otherwise. This is their essence. And those people who perceive them as serious performers are means that it is reflected inside them. So they don’t have a core inside either. Deep down, these people can be deceived because they want to be deceived. Their guides are empty,” Skrypka noted.

We will remind, earlier Oleg Skrypka admitted in which the current state of his house near Buchi, where the invaders invaded in the spring.

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