Presented “computer” with RTX 4090 for only $40, but there is a nuance (photo) – UNIAN

Presented “computer” with RTX 4090 for only $40, but there is a nuance (photo) – UNIAN
Presented “computer” with RTX 4090 for only $40, but there is a nuance (photo) – UNIAN

It comes as separate parts that you will need to assemble yourself.

Recently, NVIDIA introduced the RTX 40 series graphics cards. which surprised not only with their performance, but also with the price tag. Colorful decided to please fans with a much more affordable version of the top model GeForce RTX 4090 and other branded components.

True, there is one caveat – you won’t be able to play on such a “computer”. The fact is that the components come in a LEGO set, which will cost 299 yuan (~1500 UAH).

The novelty consists of more than a thousand parts, and all the necessary components, including the “Colorful iGame UltraD5 Z690 motherboard” and “iGame Vulcan DDR4 RAM” need to be assembled from plastic cubes. It turns out a kind of LEGO constructor for computer fans, but with the ability to create your own components, and not just put them together.

So far, the iGame M600 kit is only available for purchase on the Chinese WeChats app, but in the future it will certainly be available on marketplaces like AliExpress.

GeForce RTX 4000: release date and price

As for the real RTX 40-series, they will be on sale before the end of the fall. Prices start at $899 for the 12GB RTX 4080 and go up to $1,599 for the flagship RTX 4090, which comes with 24GB of GDDR6X memory.

Until the end of the year, NVIDIA will also be expanding the RTX 3000 lineup with upgraded versions of the RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti. The first will get 8 GB of video memory – 4 GB less than the base model – and the price tag for it will be reduced to $ 300. As for the Ti-version, the memory bandwidth can increase by 36% – up to 608 GB / s instead of 448 GB / s.

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