Losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine today crossed a new psychological mark – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (infographics)

Another 18 enemy tanks were liquidated in our country.

Russia’s losses in Ukraine as of Friday, September 23, crossed the psychological mark and now amount to 56,060 people.

During the day, another 550 opponents were eliminated in our state, according to the Facebook page of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to him, another 18 enemy tanks, 20 armored combat vehicles, 14 artillery systems, 8 multiple launch rocket systems, 1 air defense system, one aircraft, one helicopter, 9 drones, 29 vehicles and one special technology.

The General Staff added that the invaders suffered the greatest losses in the Donetsk and Kramatorsk directions.

The war with Russia in Ukraine and the achievements of our army

Russian invaders invaded our country early in the morning on February 24, shelled military and civilian facilities, killed civilians and captured a number of settlements in the south and east. APU give a worthy rebuff to enemies.

Ukraine went on a counteroffensive at the end of August, almost the entire territory of the Kharkov region was liberated. Our defenders are also actively fighting enemies in the southern part of the country. On September 22, 18 invaders, 3 Msta-B large-caliber howitzers and over 4 armored vehicles were destroyed in the south.

On Ukrainian soil, as of the 22nd, about 55,510 enemies were eliminated.

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