The Ministry of Defense showed the abandoned Russian base in Izyum

For the 212th day after the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding the defense of the country. There are stubborn battles along the entire front line, the length of which is 2450 kilometers.

“Crime. Is NOT PRESENT” conducts text chronology of events of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Everything that happened on September 22 can be read at this link.

In this news, we will follow the events of September 23.

Information is constantly updated:

13:09 Russian troops quickly left their former base in Izyum, Kharkiv region, after the offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukrainian defenders showed the conditions in which the invaders lived.

The occupiers left behind dirt and mess. In the room in which they lived, things and food, furniture are scattered.

“Tidiness is not the best virtue of the Russian military. But, like the ancient Sumerians, they stick to their own calendar. 09/08/22 is the last day in Izium, for some the last day of life,” the message says.

11:55 Himars are working on the occupiers.

11:13 The Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully crossed the Oskol River in the Kharkiv region and strengthened their positions on its eastern bank. This is reported by the British Ministry of Defense with reference to intelligence data.

“Over the past three days, Ukrainian troops have secured bridgeheads on the eastern bank of the Oskol River in the Kharkiv region. Russia tried to integrate Oskol into a consolidated line of defense after the withdrawal of its forces at the beginning of the month. resource data

11:02 Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, there have been at least two dozen completed attempts on collaborators who collaborated with the Russians.

The invaders blame Ukraine for the attacks, but who is behind the assassination attempts is unknown.

10:53 The 95th ODShBr captured several guns from the invaders.

10:25 Consequences of a night missile attack on Zaporozhye.

09:33 During the day on September 22, anti-aircraft missile units of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed seven air targets: three operational-tactical UAVs and four Shahed-136 kamikaze drones of Iranian production, which the invaders mark as Geran-2.

Aviation of the Air Force carried out up to 10 group air strikes in different directions. Bombers and attack aircraft destroyed several dozen infidels, up to 20 armored vehicles, a platoon stronghold and other targets.

Fighter aircraft used AGM-88 “HARM” anti-radar missiles against enemy air defense systems. Up to 10 enemy air defense positions were hit.


09:31 In the morning there was an explosion in Melitopol. The mayor of the city, Ivan Fedorov, connects this with the beginning of the “pseudo-referendum”.

09:17 The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published the total combat losses of the enemy from February 24 to September 23.

– personnel – about 56060 (+550) people liquidated,

– tanks – 2254 (+18),

– armored fighting vehicles – 4796 (+20),

– artillery systems – 1355 (+14),

– MLRS – 326 (+8),

– air defense systems – 170 (+1),

– aircraft – 254 (+1),

– helicopters – 219 (+1),

– UAV of the operational-tactical level – 950 (+9),

– cruise missiles – 240 (+0),

– ships / boats – 15 (+0),

– automotive equipment and tankers – 3659 (+29) units,

– special equipment – 126 (+1).

The enemy suffered the greatest losses in the Kramatorsk and Donetsk directions.

The data is being specified.

08:27 In Toretsk, at night, employees of the State Emergency Service rescued 19 people, including two children, from a nine-story building that was fired upon by the invaders.

08:12 On September 22, the Russians killed 7 civilians in the Donetsk region: 3 in Bakhmut, 2 in Toretsk, 1 in Vremenny Yar and 1 in Kleshchievka. Another 17 people were injured, said Pavel Kirilenko, head of the Donetsk Police Department.

According to him, it is now impossible to establish the exact number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha.

08:06 In the Dnepropetrovsk region, as a result of enemy shelling, two people were killed, nine more were injured. Houses and civilian infrastructure were also destroyed.

07:48 At night, the occupiers fired about 10 shells at Zaporozhye, said the head of the Zaporizhzhya OVA Alexander Starukh.

According to preliminary information, the enemy got into the infrastructure of Zaporozhye.

Information about the victims and destruction is being specified.

07:32 As reported in the morning summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the enemy continues to carry out tasks for the complete occupation of the Donetsk region, the organization of defense and the maintenance of the occupied territories, as well as the disruption of the active operations of the Defense Forces in certain areas. It is shelling our positions along the entire line of collision, trying to restore lost positions, and conducting aerial reconnaissance.

The enemy does not stop striking at civilian infrastructure and civilian dwellings. The threat of air and missile strikes by Russian invaders remains for the entire territory of Ukraine.

Over the past 24 hours, the enemy launched 4 missile and 27 air strikes, carried out more than 75 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems on military and civilian targets in Ukraine, violating the norms of International Humanitarian Law, the laws and customs of warfare.

More than 45 settlements suffered from enemy strikes. In particular, Pechenegs, Prishib, Yarovaya, Controversial, Cheerful, Bakhmut, Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Konstantinovka, Neskuchnoe, Poltavka, Yegorovka, Nameless, Kryvyi Rih, Belogorye, Zaporozhye, Belogorka, Pervomayskoye, Nikolaev, Ochakov, Vysokopolye, Dry Pond, Mirolyubovka and Novogrigorovka.

On the Volyn and Polessky directions of the situation without significant changes.

In other directions, the enemy fired from tanks, mortars and artillery of various calibers:

on the Seversky in the direction – in the areas of the settlements of Shalygino, Miropolskoye, Volfino and Ezdetskoye of the Sumy region;

on the Slobozhansky in the direction – in the areas of the settlements of Dubnovka, Goptovka, Volchansk, Kamenka and Kupyansk;

on the Kramatorsk direction – Mayaki, Nikolaevka, Dibrova, Krivaya Luka, Prishib and Seversk;

on the Bakhmut direction – Soledar, Bakhmutskoye, Bakhmut, Veselaia Dolina, Zaitsevoe, Veseloe, Belogorovka and Yakovlevka;

on the Avdeevsky direction – Krasnogorovka, Polling, Maryinka, Novomikhailovka;

on the Novopavlovsk direction – Vuhledar, Zolotaya Niva, Neskuchnoe, Vremovka, Novoukrainka, Bolshaya Novoselka;

on the Zaporozhye In the direction the enemy did not conduct active operations, at the same time, they fired artillery at the settlements of Malaya Tokmachka, Novaya Tokmachka, Malye Shcherbaki, Zelenoe Pole, Zaliznichnoye and Rivnopolye.

On the Yuzhnobugsky more than 20 settlements were shelled in the direction.

The enemy continues to suffer losses, including among the management team. According to available information, Major General Tsokov, commander of the 144th Motorized Rifle Division of the 20th Combined Arms Army, was wounded as a result of fire damage in the area of ​​the Svatovo settlement. He was evacuated on September 20 this year.

From 19 to 20 September this year, 105 bodies of dead Russian servicemen were delivered to a military hospital in Rostov-on-Don, and preparations are being made to receive another 200 bodies in the near future.

To make up for losses in manpower, the enemy continues forced mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories. So, in Gorlovka, on September 19, representatives of the 1st Army Corps detained and took ten men to military service, regardless of their age or state of health.

In the period from 18 to 20 September this year in the Luhansk pre-trial detention center, representatives of a Russian private company unsuccessfully tried to recruit prisoners.

As part of the implementation of partial mobilization measures, the occupying authorities of Crimea announced that the main number of reservists is planned to be recruited from among employees of private security companies with experience in military service. In Sevastopol, some firms have already been instructed to prepare lists of all eligible employees.

It is also known about the early graduation in Smolensk of cadets of the graduation courses of the military academy of air defense of the armed forces of the Russian Federation named after Marshal Vasilevsky and their further placement in positions in the troops.

On the basis of the Moscow Combined Arms Command School, from September 26 to October 24, the Russian military leadership plans to hold a meeting with citizens in the reserve.

Per day units of the Defense Forces repulsed enemy attacks in the areas of the settlements of Kupyansk, Disputed, Mayorsk, Zaitsevoe, Avdeevka, Novomikhailovka, Poprosnoye and Kamenka.

Aviation of the defense forces hit 25 areas of concentration of enemy manpower and military equipment and 6 positions of anti-aircraft missile systems.

In addition, our air defense units, in different directions, destroyed the Mi-8 helicopter and 9 UAVs of the invaders.

Over the past day, missile troops and artillery inflicted a fiery defeat, in particular, on command posts, four areas of concentration of personnel and military equipment, three air defense positions, three artillery positions, as well as three ammunition depots.

00:37 Ukrainian marines destroyed a Russian Mi-24 helicopter.

This was reported in the 36th separate brigade of the Marine Corps.

“Artillery military units and units of the Naval Infantry Command of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted fire damage on the invaders, as a result of which our soldiers destroyed 3 enemy guns. The final losses of the enemy are being specified,” the report says.

00:12 Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, after meeting with his French counterpart Catherine Colonna in New York, said that the two countries are working on the supply of new CAESAR self-propelled guns.

“At our meeting, my French colleague Minister Colonna and I focused on how to hold Russia accountable for its crimes and on France’s contribution to the reconstruction of Ukraine’s war-ravaged regions. We are also working on the delivery of new CAESARs to Ukraine,” Kuleba said on Twitter.

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