Published photos and videos of the consequences of a missile attack on Nikolaev

In most of the Nikolaev region, with the exception of Snigirevka and several dozen villages near it, there are no Russian occupiers, but the region is actually front-line, since hostilities are taking place on its territory.

Very many settlements in the Nikolaev region, including Nikolaev itself, are exposed to enemy fire from various types of weapons. At the same time, the invaders frankly say that they do not abandon plans to try to capture Nikolaev again.

In this news, we will follow the events of September 23, taking place on the territory of the Nikolaev region.

The chronology of events on September 22 is available at this link.

Information is constantly updated:

11:21 Video from the places in Nikolaev where the rockets of the invaders hit.

10:26 As a result of the missile attack, the office building, as well as private and high-rise buildings nearby, received significant damage.

Workers of communal services are working on the site, who are engaged in the restoration of damaged communications.


09:01 The OVA published information about enemy shelling in the Mykolaiv region over the past day, as of 08:30 am on September 23.

On September 23, around 00:35, explosions were heard in Nikolaev. The office building of the industrial infrastructure facility was previously hit. Private houses, water supply and electricity networks were also damaged. Detailed information is being specified.

In the Nikolaev area on September 22, approximately at 09:55, as a result of the shelling of the village of Ukrainka, a fire broke out in a residential building. There were no casualties.

Also, according to the information of OK “South”, yesterday, September 22, the coastal strip of the Kutsurub community was fired from the multiple launch rocket system “Smerch”. There were no casualties.

In the Bashtansky district, the Bereznegovatskaya bulk remains under constant fire. Over the past day, there were enemy shelling of the environs of the village of Novoukrainka at 10:40 and the village of Murakhivka at approximately 19:12. Also at 17:30 and 19:30, the village of Vysunsk was shelled. As a result, infrastructure facilities, private houses, three trade facilities and a gas pipeline were damaged, followed by fire. There were no casualties.

The shelling of the settlements of the Shirokovskaya community continues. So, on September 22, at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00, the village of Shirokoye was shelled. Damage was received to a residential building, non-residential utility rooms and agricultural machinery. Also at 23:00, the village of Chervonaya Dolina was shelled. Hits were recorded in open areas. There were no casualties.

In Voznesensky and Pervomaisky districts, the day and night passed relatively calmly.

08:34 During the day, two fires broke out in the region due to shelling, the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service reported.

On the morning of September 22, due to the hit of ammunition and their fragments as a result of hostilities, a fire broke out in a residential building in the village of Ukrainka, Mykolaiv region. Firefighters of the Galitsynovsky detachment of the local fire brigade extinguished a fire with an area of ​​30 square meters. There were no casualties or injuries.

In the evening in the village of Vysunsk, Bashtansky district, as a result of shelling, two buildings were partially destroyed and a gas pipeline was damaged, followed by a fire, liquidated by employees of PJSC Nikolaevgaz. The department of the 9th state fire and rescue unit of the 3rd GPSO was involved in ensuring fire safety and inspecting damaged buildings.

07:17 The situation in the Yuzhnobugsky direction remains difficult, but controlled by the Defense Forces. The enemy has no motivation, no faith in his prospects, but desperately continues to pull up reserves with the help of alternative crossings, attempts to equip which he continues under our fire control, the South Operational Command reported, summing up the day on September 22.

During the day, our positions and settlements along the front line and deeper, in the rear, received five air and one missile strikes.

The coastal strip of the Kutsurub territorial community was fired from the Smerch multiple launch rocket system. No human loss.

Our aviation inflicted 13 strikes on the enemy, the air defense forces in the Nikolaevsky and Bashtansky districts shot down five kamikaze drones sent by the enemy at our positions.

Rocket and artillery units completed about 280 fire missions, including the defeat of two command posts in Berislav and Nova Kakhovka, three cells of enemy forces and equipment in Kherson and Kakhovka districts, and one ammunition depot in Berislavsky. At nightfall, the enemy’s attempts to send a column of military equipment along the Kakhovka Bridge were stopped by a control fire defeat. The results are being explored.

The confirmed losses of the enemy are 18 rashists, three Msta-B and Msta-S large-caliber howitzers, two tanks and two units of other auto-armored vehicles.

A successful defeat was confirmed on the eve of a pontoon crossing in the Lvov region.

The ship grouping of the enemy fleet in the Black Sea has replenished to 14 units. From now on, three surface and one underwater launch vehicles with a total of 28 Calibers are on combat duty.

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