The supply of tanks from the US and Germany is delayed due to problems with logistics – media

The supply of tanks from the US and Germany is delayed due to problems with logistics – media
The supply of tanks from the US and Germany is delayed due to problems with logistics – media

Tanks M-1 Abrams and Leopard M-1 require significant maintenance and logistics.

Delivery of Abrams and Leopard tanks to Ukraine is delayed. The US and Germany are hesitant to supply the M-1 Abrams and Leopard in part because of training and logistics problems on the battlefield. Politico reports.

It is noted that the tanks took first place in the list of requests from Kyiv after successes on the eastern front and the shocking collapse of the Russian Federation this month. That request has taken on new urgency this week after Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization of an additional 300,000 troops for combat operations in Ukraine, in a major escalation.

More modern American-made M-1 Abrams tanks and German-made Leopard tanks will add a powerful force that will help Ukraine occupy and hold more territory than the old Soviet tanks they currently use, experts and Ukrainian advisers say.

However, senior US and German national security officials were hesitant to provide tanks due to training and logistical problems.

According to the publication, the M-1 tanks are a completely different system than the Soviet-era tanks currently in operation in Ukraine, and require significant maintenance and logistics.

“Getting Ukraine not only American-made tanks, but also parts to maintain them is quite a difficult hurdle,” said one US official, who, like others interviewed, spoke on condition of anonymity.

According to him, you can’t give something that can break down and they will run out of gas and they won’t be able to fill them up.”

Leopards are better suited for close combat, the official said, as they are similar to tanks already in service in Ukraine and require less fuel than Leopards.

However, Germany has repeatedly rejected Ukraine’s request for tanks, and Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht recently said that Berlin had agreed with NATO partners not to take such action “unilaterally.”

According to Politico, this debate over tanks is the latest arms skirmish between the West and Ukraine. At each stage, the US hesitated for months before providing certain weapons – first Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and then a highly mobile artillery missile system – fearing that they would become a “red line” that could provoke the Russian Federation into a new escalation. They then passed on weapons as the war progressed and battlefield needs changed.

According to retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges (former commander of the U.S. Army in Europe), in this case, Western-style tanks will provide a major modernization of Kyiv’s armored forces in terms of range, speed and fire control, which will allow Ukrainian forces to hit Russian targets at a distance of one and a half miles and move before the enemy can fire back.

He noted that the necessary training and logistics (an M-1 division can consume up to 600,000 gallons of fuel per day) could hinder Ukraine’s movement.

“These are not rental cars, there’s a lot to that. Basically, you’re adding hundreds of extra things to carry with you. You look at a US Army tank company today, thousands of gallons of fuel follow every day,” Hodges said.

It is reported that NATO countries supplied Ukraine with Soviet tanks and combat vehicles. Poland this spring handed over about 250 T-72 tanks. In July, Warsaw signed a $1.1 billion agreement to purchase 250 of the most advanced Abrams tanks to replace them.

In the long term, the United States recognizes that the day may come when Ukraine needs to switch to tanks compatible with those of NATO allies, the publication writes, citing a senior Defense Department official. So far, however, Soviet-era tanks are best suited.

Earlier, the media wrote that the United States is considering the transfer of modern Western tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Recall that the German coalition decided not to supply Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine, since “it will take a long time to train the Ukrainian military.”

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