Elena Kravets radically changed her image: photo

Actress, star of Studio “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravets does not stop experimenting with her image.

As you know, at the end of January Elena Kravets decided on a radical change and cut off her long hair, while making a bold caret.

However, apparently, such a somewhat harsh image bored the artist, so she grew her hair again and now her hairstyle looks more feminine. Kravets showed himself with a new image on his Instagram page.

Elena Kravets used to make a caret / Photo: instagram.com/lennykravets

The actress posted several pictures in which she poses with shoulder-length hair. She completed her look with a white hat and jacket. In the footage, Elena sincerely smiles and hugs the children. What exactly it was for the event, Kravets did not specify. But she admitted that hugging was very nice:

Elena Kravets / © instagram.com/lennykravets

Elena Kravets / Photo: instagram.com/lennykravets

“I really want to hug more often now. For no reason. Just because there is someone … Let it always be so,” Elena signed.

Elena Kravets / © instagram.com/lennykravets

Elena Kravets / Photo: instagram.com/lennykravets

In turn, the subscribers of the actress’s page on Instagram gave her compliments: “You look beautiful with long hair. You look younger”, “how beautiful you are”, “Elena! You are a woman with a very capital letter! You are the standard of Ukrainian beauty, confidence, sensuality and tenderness! I am proud that you are in our country, in Ukraine!”.

We will remind, earlier Elena Kravets declassified, where is with younger children and why the eldest daughter returned to Ukraine.

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