UN experts report Russian war crimes – UNIAN

UN experts report Russian war crimes – UNIAN
UN experts report Russian war crimes – UNIAN

The UN experts were amazed at the large number of executions in the areas they visited.

A team of experts appointed by the UN’s top human rights body to investigate human rights violations in Ukraine have uncovered evidence of war crimes committed since Russia’s full-scale attack in February.

It is reported by The Washington Post.

Experts from the UN Human Rights Council visited 27 cities and towns in Ukraine. In particular, in June they made a 10-day trip to Bucha in the Kyiv region, where they found mass graves and numerous bodies of dead people scattered right on the streets.

They visited the graves and places where the invaders held and tortured Ukrainians, interviewed more than 150 victims and witnesses. In his report on Friday, September 23, the chairman of the human rights commission, Eric Meese, stated:

“Based on the evidence collected by the commission, it concluded that war crimes had been committed in Ukraine.”

The experts cited the testimonies of former prisoners about beatings, electric shocks and forced undressing in Russian pre-trial detention centers. They also expressed serious concerns about the executions that the team worked to document in the four regions.

“We were amazed at the high number of executions in the areas we visited. The commission is now investigating such deaths in 16 cities and towns,” Meze said.

Commission member Pablo de Greiff told reporters that the team found two cases of mistreatment of Russian Federation soldiers by the Ukrainian military and a significant number of cases that were Russian war crimes.

“We have found, obviously, a much larger number of cases that are war crimes on the part of the Russian Federation,” he said.

In addition, according to him, an unspecified number of Russian soldiers have been identified who have committed crimes of sexual or gender-based violence. Their victims were persons aged from 4 to 82 years.

The Commission plans to gradually expand its investigation into allegations of filtration camps to hold or deport people, forced displacement of people, and allegations of expedited adoptions of Ukrainian children deported to Russia.

The work of the commission could ultimately contribute to the work of the prosecutors of the International Criminal Court, who could bring charges of war crimes committed in Ukraine.

War crimes of Russians are recorded in all liberated territories of Ukraine

As UNIAN reported, Prosecutor General Andrey Kostin said in an interview with CBS News on September 18 that 34,000 Russian war crimes have now been recorded.

After the liberation of settlements in the north of the Kyiv region, in particular, Bucha, Borodyanka, Irpin and others, the world was horrified by what they saw. It became known about the numerous massacres of civilians, torture and rape of civilians committed by the Russians.

As of mid-August, according to the police of the Kiev region, the bodies of 1352 citizens were found in the region, who were killed by the Russian military.

Now law enforcement officers prioritize cases of war crimes committed in cities and towns in the Kharkiv region, in particular in Izyum, which were released the day before.

In total, 10 torture chambers were found in the de-occupied territories of the Kharkiv region, and five cemeteries were found in the entire Izyumsky district, where civilians and soldiers who died as a result of Russian aggression are buried.

Now in Izyum, the exhumation of bodies from mass graves is being completed. 427 bodies of our citizens have already been raised from the ground, of which 202 are the bodies of women, 189 are the bodies of men, 5 are children. According to Oleg Sinegubov, chairman of the Kharkiv OVA, among the bodies that were exhumed at the mass grave site in Izyum, 99% had signs of violent death.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky called for the creation of a special international tribunal to investigate the crimes committed by the Russian army.

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