There will be no group. The builder lost to Brose Bamberg in the Champions League qualification

Before the game, the forecasts were quite optimistic. “Broze Bamberg” was given credit, it was noted that it was clearly not “Norrkoping”, but they believed in the passage of “Budievelnyk” to at least the final qualification.

In the previous game, Kyiv’s opponents bet on three-point shots. The Germans also decided to act in a similar way, but the accuracy was much higher – out of the first 15 points, 12 were scored from beyond the arc. The Ukrainian team also tried to keep up, but the percentage of implementation was much lower. Therefore, the points in the first quarter were scored due to the counterattacks of Goodwin and the company, but at the break, the score was still 19:18 in favor of Bamberg.

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And in the second quarter, finally, the game started. Goodwin caught courage, Grant supported him. The rest were also not far behind in the attack, and in defense, Bobrov had time to hinder the opponents under his basket, and to run in the attack. As a result – 34:41 before the break.

After the break, the Germans came out incredibly charged. They then managed to shoot three-pointers accurately and take free throws. Berheinmeskel, who was not very noticeable until now, became more active, but his efforts were clearly not enough either in this quarter or in the next. Two seconds before the end of regular time, the score was 80:82 in our favor, and it could have been 80:83, if Berheinmeskel managed to score two free throws instead of one. Loss of concentration led to a gift to the Germans – 82:82, overtime.

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And in the final five minutes, our team looked tired, while “Brose Bamberg”, on the contrary, were elated. Their trademark three-pointers did their job – if the Kyivans still managed to make the score 94:94 with a few seconds to go, then after missing from a distance, there was neither time nor strength to fight back.

97:94 – the Champions League group was at an arm’s length, but the Builder will not be able to get there…

Player stats will be available a little later…

FIBA Basketball Champions League. 1/2 final qualification.

Brose Bamberg (Germany) – Budivelnyk (Ukraine) – 97:94 OT (19:18, 15:23, 23:19, 25:22, 15:12).

“Brose Bamberg”: Bell (6 points + 3 rebounds + 3 steals), Wright-Foreman (33+12+7), Bokhachyk (15+6+5), Chachashvili (4+2+2), Zengfelder (20+6+3), Blunt (0+0+0), Bulych, Rives (0+0+0), Young (2+1+1), Vollrath (4+2+2), Heckman (10+3+2), Karianauskas (3 +1+1).

“Builder”: Barber (10+5+5), Blyznyuk (4+2+2), Bobrov (10+3+2), Grant (6+3+3), Goodwin (17+7+5), Tyrtyshnyk, Berheinmeskel (27 +9+4), Brown (4+2+2), Hrytsak, Krutous (0+0+0), Mayauskas (16+6+3), Tikhonov.

Arena “Pavilhao Fidelidade” (Lisbon, Portugal).


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