Zelensky appealed to the residents of HERE

Zelensky appealed to the residents of HERE
Zelensky appealed to the residents of HERE

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Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented on the mobilization in the occupied territories of Ukraine

Ukrainians who are under Russian occupation should save their lives and try to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the head of state noted.

People living in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine should by all means avoid mobilization into Russian troops. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky during a video message on Friday, September 23.

“I have a simple request to all our people who are in the temporarily occupied territories: do the main thing – take care of your life and help us weaken and destroy the occupiers. In any way, hide from Russian mobilization. Avoid subpoenas. Try to leave for the free territory of Ukraine,” he turned to his fellow citizens.

In the event of a call-up, Zelensky also asks Ukrainians to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine as much as possible.

“And if you already get into the Russian army, then sabotage any hostile activity, interfere with any Russian operations, pass us all the important information about the invaders: their bases, headquarters, ammunition depots. And at the first opportunity, move to our positions. Do everything to save lives and help liberate Ukraine,” the head of state stressed.

Recall that in order to make up for losses in manpower, the enemy continues forced mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories.

Could Putin’s mobilization be the end of his regime?

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