How fake referendums are held in the occupied territories of Ukraine – video

How fake referendums are held in the occupied territories of Ukraine – video
How fake referendums are held in the occupied territories of Ukraine – video

So, in some cases, Russian propagandists film footage of empty ballots being thrown into ballot boxes. In particular, such a case was recorded in Mariupol in the port building.

The well-known journalist and blogger Denys Kazansky notes on his Facebook that if in 2014 the occupiers “at least tried to create the appearance of a real vote”, now no one even bothers with the imitation of a “referendum”.

“It looks like this. Some people just walk around the yards with loudspeakers and allegedly collect the signatures of local residents. Even on those videos posted by propagandists, it can be seen that this is just frank bullying that does not even deserve to be discussed,” he writes.

As an example of the apotheosis of such a farce, Kazanskyi showed a video of the Russian propagandist Semyon Pegov from Smolensk. A foreigner simply came to Donetsk from the Russian Federation and “votes” for joining Russia – and this is allegedly presented as “an expression of the will of the local population.”

Also, employees of the occupation administrations walk around the apartments with a box in their hands, accompanied by soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces armed with assault rifles. Today, a corresponding video from the Zaporizhzhia region appeared in the public domain.

People without identity documents also “vote” at pseudo-referendums. Residents of the cities captured by the Russian army say that those who do not express a desire to join the aggressor country in such “surveys”, the collaborators write them down in notebooks. Here are more visual videos about “referendums”:

It should be noted that the Center for Strategic Communications gave recommendations and clarifications, as in the temporarily occupied territories avoid mobilization campaign and fake referendum.

“Voluntarily assisting the occupiers in holding pseudo-referendums and mobilization is a criminal offense. If you were forced to “vote” or forcibly mobilized in the Soviet Union, you are a victim, not an accomplice. Further participation in hostilities against Ukraine is already a criminal offense,” it says. in the message. in the SPRAVDI publication.

  • It is necessary to hide, leave the occupied territory, show disobedience, simulate unfitness, sabotage orders, surrender, etc.
  • You should not expect that the Russian mobilization will not affect you for one reason or another (health, “armor”).
  • Russia always lies to dull the vigilance of potential victims.
  • Ukraine consistently implements the policy of de-occupation, the armed forces are liberating Ukrainian land. The power of the occupiers is temporary.
  • Mobilization and pseudo-referendums are an act of desperation and Russia will lose the war.

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