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Apple Watch got 8 series. On the one hand, the smart watch looks like a logical continuation of the previous models, but on the other hand, the gadget contains several interesting points that deserve special attention, including a temperature monitor and a new, so far unused, accident detection function. Even before testing the Apple Watch Series 8, when reading the news about this device, there were occasional notes about how the watch saved the lives of its users with a timely signal to the rescue service.

The design of the smart device has remained unchanged, and this, in my opinion, can be taken in two ways, both from a positive and negative side. Let’s take a closer look at this new product and appreciate its versatility.

At first glance, it becomes clear that Watch Series 8 does not differ from its predecessor in terms of appearance and design. Without a doubt, it’s an iconic design, and countless other wearable brands have been dutifully copying it for years now.

The dial of the Apple Watch Series 8 is released in two versions – 41 mm and 45 mm. At the same time, the watch is implemented in two connection options: “GPS only” or “GPS + Cellular” (“GPS + Cellular”). Materials from which the watch case can be made include aluminum and stainless steel. Also, the device is available in different colors and with different strap options.

On the back of the watch there are various sensors, on the left side there is a speaker, and on the right side there is a rotating bezel and buttons, as well as a microphone. The front panel is represented by a Retina display with a resolution of 396 x 484 pixels (352 x 430 pixels in the 41 mm variant). The display is implemented on an OLED matrix and supports the technology of intelligent adjustment of the LTPO screen refresh rate.

With a maximum brightness level of up to 1000 nits, the gadget becomes quite bright and easy to read even in bright sunlight.

In addition to the easily recognizable design, the Watch Series 8 uses the same patented mechanism of its straps as before, so users who have spare straps from previous versions of the watches will be able to use them in this case. Apple Watch Series 8 has an IP6X rating for dust resistance and is also available for use while swimming thanks to WR50 water resistance.

Watch Series 8 application “Compass”

In addition to the design, Watch Series 8 inherited most of the functionality from its predecessor. The device fits perfectly into the Apple ecosystem and complements the use of the user’s smartphone by accurately displaying the messages of the applications in use, allowing direct processing of phone calls. In addition to the above, you can use the watch to respond to e-mails and messages.

It is worth saying that in addition to all the usual and familiar applications, such as weather, messages, mail, stopwatch, calendar, etc., the latest update of the WatchOS 9 operating system brings additional, very useful elements. For example, the new application “Medications” allows you to set up reminders about any medicine that the user needs to take regularly. The “Compass” application, which has received a major update here, allows you to navigate the area if the user gets lost during a tourist trip or is simply in any other unfamiliar territory.

The health and fitness section has been added. Enabling new temperature sensors opens up new opportunities for health monitoring, especially for women. Temperature sensors complement women’s health functions by monitoring temperature during sleep, providing information about changes over time, retrospective ovulation estimates, period predictions and more.

Another potentially life-saving addition is accident detection. The device can detect when the user has been involved in a car accident, and in the event of a tragedy can automatically alert emergency contacts and emergency services.

Apple Watch Series 8 includes all the health features used in previous models, including high and low heart rate alerts, EKG, fall detection, blood oxygen monitoring, etc. Along with this, the watch has a lot functions of tracking physical activity and training. In particular, a new addition is a detailed sleep analysis that shows how much time the user spent in REM sleep and deep sleep. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the Apple Watch remains one of only two smartwatches to support ECG measurements (the other being Fitbit Sense).

Thanks to the dual-core S8 chip, the watch turned out to be quite productive and smooth to control. In addition to the features mentioned above, the device received an improved Workout app, new special features, new watch faces, and more. The Watch app has a huge collection of all kinds of watch faces. If an almost endless collection isn’t enough, there are third-party apps like Facer that allow you to add additional watch faces.

It is worth noting that the “Health” application used by the gadget is one of the most complete. An example is a function such as stability when walking, which monitors how stable the user is on his feet while walking. And so practically with all functions of this program.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the moments that caused small negative impressions.

For example, the new temperature sensors mentioned earlier measure wrist temperature, which may differ from body temperature. The accuracy of readings can be affected by the ambient temperature, for example, in winter, when the temperature of the skin of the hands in the cold is slightly lower than the general body temperature. Diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, etc. can also affect the testimony. Watch Series 8 tries to create some basic temperature, based on the conditions that the user wore the gadget before going to bed and during sleep for at least five consecutive nights. As soon as the base level is set, then the clock records the deviation from the base level. Theoretically, the user can use such data as a signal to find out a possible deterioration of health.

Next to, there is a note on battery life. It’s a big improvement over the first Apple Watch models and now lasts about a day and a half. However, in practical use of the watch, which includes long outdoor workouts and increased application intensity, the battery life is approximately 1 working day. Sometimes it turned out that the watch had to be charged before going to bed so that they could track the state of sleep at night.

For comparison, the Fitbit Sense can work for up to a week without charging, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro – about three days.

And my last complaint is related to the unreasonably high price of the gadget. Apple Watch Series 8 45 mm Aluminum Case GPS version at the time of writing the publication was estimated at UAH 20,000, and the same type in the GPS + Cellular version is more expensive. In the steel version with a leather strap, the price becomes generally more than 50,000 UAH.


Like the countless tiny components of a quartz watch, each of which fits seamlessly into the mechanism and plays a vital role in keeping the entire device running, the Apple Watch uses its hardware and software to function reliably and as precisely as possible. Covering aspects of health, fitness and artificial intelligence, the Apple Watch serves as the benchmark for a smart device. For an iPhone user looking for a premium smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 8 should be a definite choice. Nevertheless, Apple should invest in its gadgets with the potential to attract new users by setting a moderate price and a longer battery life.

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