“Video of the execution of Russian prisoners of war”. Western experts assessed the actions of the Armed Forces and the Russians

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Russian soldiers who surrendered in Makiivka, Luhansk region

The American edition of the New York Times confirmed the authenticity of the video on which the Ukrainian military allegedly shot captured Russians.

The events are taking place in the village of Makiivka, Luhansk region. At the time when most of the Russians left with their hands raised, a Russian soldier suddenly appeared from around the corner of the house and opened fire on the soldiers of the Armed Forces.

Subsequently, the video shows the bodies of at least 11 Russian soldiers.

The video sparked outrage on social media last week. Ukraine and Russia blamed each other, and the UN said that this episode should be investigated.

Official Kyiv also announced that it is investigating this episode.

The New York Times analyzed all the videos from Makeiivka, interviewed experts and offered its version of events.

What is known from the video

The New York Times emphasizes that it is impossible to establish from the video recordings the circumstances under which the Russian soldiers were killed.

The first video shows that the Ukrainian military is probably capturing a group of people dressed in Russian uniforms. The publication emphasizes that the soldiers of the Armed Forces look relaxed and do not aim at the occupiers.

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In the video, a Russian soldier raises his hands and surrenders as a prisoner

When the last Russian comes out of the building, he opens fire on the Ukrainian military, who were taken by surprise. The video cuts out at this point.

What happened next – the publication cannot understand. The second video shows the “captives” lying dead. And the white brick wall, from behind which appeared the Russian soldier who opened fire, was damaged, probably by fire in return.

What experts say

Dr. Rohini Haar, a medical expert at Physicians for Human Rights, said the Russian soldiers were most likely killed by shots to the head at close range.

At the same time, Iva Vukusych, an expert on war crimes at Utrecht University, notes that it is difficult to draw conclusions from the video alone.

According to her, an important role in this case is the time when Russian soldiers were shot.

The actions of the Ukrainian military could have been legitimate, since it is impossible to establish from the video whether the prisoners were killed during the firefight or after the ceasefire, the expert says.

Vukusych notes that the actions of the Russian soldiers can be regarded as a simulation of surrender and as a “bait” for the Armed Forces.

According to the Geneva Convention, simulating a capture for the purpose of shooting at the enemy is considered a war crime.

Is this a war crime?

Killing prisoners is a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

The UN confirmed that an investigation into the incident should be conducted. “We are aware of the existence of these videos, we are studying them,” said the spokeswoman for the UN Human Rights Office, Marta Untado, quoted by Reuters.

The Russian Ministry of Defense condemned what happened as a “deliberate and methodical” killing of Russian soldiers. The spokesman of the Russian president, Dmytro Peskov, said that Russia itself will look for the killers of the Russian prisoners.

Ukraine insists that the Russians themselves committed a war crime – staged the surrender and opened fire on the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“In such a case, Russian servicemen cannot be considered prisoners of war, but are those who fight and commit treason,” said Ukrainian ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets.

Killing or wounding a combatant who has laid down his arms and surrendered is a war crime. However, cheating in an attempted surrender, such as opening fire by one of the captives, is also against the rules of war.

The BBC Reality Check team studied the footage to put together a likely picture of the event.

The incident caught on video happened on or before Saturday, November 12, in the village of Makiivka on the front line in Luhansk region.

In the evening of that day and the next, footage shot from a drone appeared on Ukrainian websites showing the bodies of Russian soldiers lying on the ground in the yard of a village house.

The social media posts that accompanied the recording referred to a mortar attack that killed Russian soldiers.

However, this version of events has been questioned by the Russian mass media, which claims that Ukrainian servicemen committed extrajudicial killings of Russian soldiers.

On November 17, other footage of the same incident appeared – this time shot by Ukrainian soldiers directly at the scene of the events. The Armed Forces are in the yard of the farm and order the Russian soldiers who are hiding in the barn to come out.

The Ukrainians point their weapons at the Russian soldiers and ask which of them is an officer and whether everyone has left the building.

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The person who opened fire during the capture.

In the video afterwards, you can see what is believed to be a Russian soldier in a darker uniform appear from around the corner of the building and appear to open fire, while other captured Russians lie on the ground.

After that, the camera falls to the ground, the sound of gunshots is heard.

It is impossible to distinguish in the video who he is shooting, on whose side he is fighting and what happens after that.

Drone footage and footage taken at the scene appear to show the same incident. Both videos show the front door and what appears to be a red toy car in the front yard of the house.

More importantly, both videos match the positions in which the soldiers are lying – both before and after death.

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