what Snigirevka looks like 10 days after liberation (photo) – UNIAN

what Snigirevka looks like 10 days after liberation (photo) – UNIAN
what Snigirevka looks like 10 days after liberation (photo) – UNIAN

The invaders occupied the city from March 19.

From the moment when the units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine liberated Snigirevka in the Nikolaev region, 1.5 weeks have already passed.

A small city, where a little more than 10 thousand people lived before the full-scale war unleashed by Russia, was subjected to significant destruction.

The occupiers, who had occupied the city since March 19, destroyed housing and infrastructure. In particular, a school, editorial offices of local media and a police department were destroyed – here Russian soldiers staged a torture chamber for peaceful Ukrainians and engaged in lawlessness.

Today the city is gradually recovering after a long occupation. Mobile communication has already appeared in Snigirevka, water supply has been restored. Humanitarian aid is distributed to people who remain in the city. On the streets you can find hungry dogs looking for food, and rusty, mangled cars.

However, the danger to the inhabitants of the city has not yet passed. According to the SBU, after the liberation of Snigirevka, large-scale warehouses of Russian ammunition were discovered – now these weapons help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy the enemy. As in other liberated settlements, here the Russians mined social facilities and housing of the townspeople. Due to demining and ongoing filtration measures, entry into the city was restricted until at least November 24.

The situation in the Nikolaev region – the latest news

The counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues in the southern direction. As of November 11, the Ukrainian army liberated the entire Nikolaev region. Now the Russian invaders still control the territory of the Kinburn Spit. Ukrainian defenders knock out the Russians from there and attack enemy positions on the spit.

According to the chairman of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Vitaly Kim, due to the withdrawal of Russian troops from the left bank, in particular from Kherson, the likelihood of attacks by the Nikolaev region with S-300 missiles has significantly decreased.

Now local authorities and public utilities are working on resuming the water supply of the regional center. Problems with water began in the summer as a result of Russian attacks.

On November 13, the mayor of Nikolaev, Alexander Senkevich, announced that after demining, repair work would begin in the de-occupied territory in order to restore water supply. It is known that 240 kilometers of water pipes have been damaged by corrosion due to salt water.

On November 14, Ukrzaliznytsia, for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale invasion, resumed passenger traffic with Nikolaev.

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