Miles Morales unlocks all costumes

Miles Morales unlocks all costumes
Miles Morales unlocks all costumes


This new mod for the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales allows players to instantly access all the costumes in the game.

Typically, costumes are unlocked by beating the game’s story mode, or by completing certain events or missions. For those who want immediate access to all of the included costumes, there’s an interesting new mod from modder “Princes23”. Interestingly, the mod works for both new and existing saves, and also includes a jumpsuit for those interested.

In total, Miles can currently wear 19 costumes throughout the game, including the spider training costume, the Bodega jumpsuit, and the awesome Purple Reign costume.

This new mod can be downloaded here. As always, download and install these mods at your own risk.

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