iPad Pro 2022: review of specifications, features and where to buy

iPad Pro 2022 appeared rather unexpectedly. The company did not hold a presentation or even make an announcement. Just one Tuesday, Apple stores started selling a stylish new product that immediately became popular.

In a partner article with My Cloud Store, we talk in detail about the new device, its features and where you can buy ipad

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How does the new iPad differ from its predecessor

Apple has traditionally presented tablets in two formats – with a display of 11 and 12.9 inches.

Compared to the iPad Pro 2021, the design of the iPad Pro 2022 has not changed much. It also has thin front panels and a smooth aluminum body, but this year iPads were released in only two colors – space gray and silver.

Instead, the functionality and stuffing thanks to the powerful M2 chip and the new features of iPadOS 16 – in particular, Stage Manager and Apple Pencil Hover – have become more interesting.

Let’s take a look at the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2022. Let’s start with some general specs:

  • weight – 680 g;
  • size – 11.04 x 8.46 x 0.25″;
  • operating system – iPadOS 16;
  • central processor – M2;
  • memory – 128 GB – 1 TB
  • RAM – 16 GB;
  • display – 12.9″ (2732 x 2048 pixels);
  • front and rear cameras – 12 MP with a width of f/1.8;
  • video – up to 4K at a speed of up to 60 frames per second;
  • wireless communication – Wi-Fi 6E, optional 5G;
  • the battery lasts 10.5 hours.

More information about iPad Pro 2022 here.

Stuffing, cameras, sound

The gadget works on the basis of the new M2 computer processor, thanks to which it easily copes with the most difficult tasks.

The display with proprietary Retina technology supports an image refresh rate of 120 Hz. This means that the picture has become more saturated and realistic.

There’s also a cool new feature: if earlier you had to buy an iPhone to shoot video in ProRes, now you can do the same on the iPad Pro 2022. Apple introduced this option on the iPad for the first time. And in general, the cameras have become much better – both front and main. You can record blogs, take selfies or communicate via video call.

The sound is as powerful as in the iPad Pro 2021. True, some music lovers believe that the bass could sound clearer, but in general, everyone agrees: the audio quality, in particular during a conversation, does not disappoint.

The location of buttons and ports has not changed. As before, there is a button to lock the screen and Touch ID vertically in the upper right corner. Below are two volume buttons and one Thunderbolt 4/USB port C connector.

The new iPadOS 16 operating system allows you to quickly connect to an external display. Also, the manufacturer provided applications for computer programs and a reference mode.

The amount of RAM is 8 GB in 128-512 GB models and 16 GB in devices with 1-2 terabytes of storage.

With iPad Pro, wireless communication is available via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as 5G, which supports more and more networks around the world. The battery life of the new iPad has increased, the tablet holds a charge longer.

More information about iPad Pro 2022 Online.

New Stage Manager and Apple Pencil

The changes affected Stage Manager and Apple Pencil 2 with wireless connection (sold separately), as well as Apple Pencil Hover – exclusive to iPad Pro 2022. Although the last option was recognized by experts as not too necessary for most users.

Stage Manager on iPad Pro 2022 brings everything you’re currently working on to the center of the display, sorting other open apps into compact tiles on the side of the screen. In this way, you can focus on work and monitor other processes at the same time. A great feature to increase productivity, especially when enabled on Macbook and iPad and allows you to use two screens with universal control.

The new Apple Pencil preview option will show you where the pen will land before you start working. Creative people will especially like it. Thanks to Apple Pencil Hover, the tablet “sees” the Apple Pencil 12 mm above the display and allows you to see the mark before you make it.

The option also works in some third-party applications. For example, in ProCreate: before you lower the tip of the pencil, you will see how the colors are combined with each other. In Pixelmator Pro, you can see how the filters on the photo will change if you hover over them with a pencil.

As before, the iPad recognizes handwritten text and formats it into typewritten text, and during drawing, the device takes into account the strength and intensity of pressing.

More information about iPad Pro 2022 Online.

Where to buy a new iPad and how much it costs

In hryvnia equivalent, the iPad Pro 2022 is not cheap – from UAH 43,000. But, as experts assure, the model fully justifies the price.

You can buy an iPad Pro 2022 in Kyiv in the My Cloud Store Apple network. The priority of this outlet is low prices, installment plans, guarantees from the manufacturer, insurance from the store for up to three years.

You can also buy original accessories here – branded keyboard covers, Apple Pencil of the latest generation. The goods are delivered through Ukraine.

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