Pashinyan made a demarche at the CSTO summit, refusing to sign joint documents

Pashinyan made a demarche at the CSTO summit, refusing to sign joint documents
Pashinyan made a demarche at the CSTO summit, refusing to sign joint documents

This was reported by the Armenian service “Radio Liberty” with reference to the press service of the government.

Speaking at the summit, Pashinyan called on the organization to give a political assessment of Azerbaijan’s actions against Armenia, which it considers aggression. According to him, the allies should seek from Azerbaijan the withdrawal of troops from the part of the territory of Armenia occupied by them, otherwise “it may mean the withdrawal of the CSTO from its alliance obligations.” At the same time, Pashinyan emphasized that he is not asking the CSTO for military assistance.

The authorities of Armenia claim that as a result of armed clashes on the border in September, the Azerbaijani military occupied part of Armenian sovereign territory. Baku denies this, pointing out that the borders between the countries are not demarcated.

Belarusian leader Oleksandr Lukashenko previously said that the Armenian side proposed amendments to the document to be signed, but “we decided not to accept these two points, not to delve into them.” Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was present at the meeting, said that he hoped for a peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Kremlin press secretary Dmytro Peskov, commenting on the results of the summit, said that there is no question of Armenia’s withdrawal from the CSTO. According to Peskov, the leaders “did not manage to agree on everything”, and the “complexity of the negotiations” was “determined by the complexity of the moment we are all experiencing”.

Note that the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization, – ed.) includes Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Belarus.

  • It will be recalled that protests against Putin’s visit broke out in Armenia on the eve of the CSTO summit. Armenians, as well as Russians who fled the country due to mobilization and repression, demand the country’s withdrawal from the CSTO and protest against the visit of the Russian president.
  • On September 13, shelling from mortars and heavy artillery began on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. On the same day, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan asked Putin and the CSTO for help in resolving the conflict with Azerbaijan.
  • The CSTO countries did not come to the defense of Armenia, expressed their condolences and created a “working group”.
  • On September 14, Pashinyan again asked the CSTO member states for military assistance in resolving the conflict with Azerbaijan.
  • On September 18, a rally for the country’s withdrawal from the CSTO was held in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

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