Zelenskyy spoke about the electricity situation in different regions

Zelenskyy spoke about the electricity situation in different regions
Zelenskyy spoke about the electricity situation in different regions

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that as a result of the latest Russian attacks on energy facilities, 11 regions of Ukraine were completely without electricity. But energy workers are already engaged in recovery.

Zelensky said this in a video message on the night of November 24.

“When I received reports on the progress of power restoration in the evening, 11 regions were marked as “the entire region without electricity.” As of the beginning of the night, we are gradually connecting new and new districts. Energy workers, utility workers, emergency services will work around the clock”– says the president.

He spoke about the situation with the restoration of electricity supply in different regions of Ukraine:

  • Kyiv – “very difficult” situation, work will continue throughout the night. The result is expected in the morning of November 24.
  • Kyiv region — the connection of household consumers has begun, as of the north, 20% have already been connected.
  • Chernihiv region — “difficult” situation, but energy scientists are looking for opportunities to give voltage to people.
  • Cherkasy — all critical infrastructure is working, energy companies are doing everything to return energy to household consumers.
  • Odeshchyna — water supply and heat are 100% connected. Household consumers of electricity — still 10%, “but there should be more by morning”.
  • Volyn — tens of thousands of consumers are connected, energy companies are working against everyone else.
  • Ternopil Oblast — district-by-district connection continues.
  • Lviv Oblast — was completely turned off, as of the north, 90% is already connected.

“Similarly in all other cities and communities that were affected or were left without power. We do everything for people. And the occupiers are doing everything to make people suffer, so that we can’t even hear and see each other.”– summed up the president.

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Mass power outages also began in Moldova due to the Russian attack on the energy system of Ukraine

Massive shelling

On the afternoon of November 23, Russia again attacked Ukraine with missiles. Explosions were heard in a number of regions. Emergency blackouts have been introduced in the country. It is known about at least 8 dead and about 50 wounded in Kyiv and the Kyiv region. In total, 10 people were killed by Russian missiles in Ukraine during the day.

According to the calculations of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, air defenses shot down 5 kamikaze drones and 51 of approximately 70 missiles. The occupiers struck critical infrastructure objects from strategic aviation planes and ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

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