The computer began to slow down. Maybe the whole thing is in Windows Defender – Article

Why does Windows slow down and “bug”?

  • Insufficiently powerful equipment
  • Lack of system resources

Everything is clear with the first – we take the money and go to buy new “iron”. In principle, there are no problems with the second either. It is only necessary to find out which of the processes interferes with the normal operation of the PC.

Unsurprisingly, Windows Defender is first on the list of cuts. No, we will not disable or remove your antivirus (AV). First, let’s try to configure it so that it consumes less system resources. And we will configure the Defender with the help of an excellent utility DefenderUI .

DefenderUI is a small program that allows you to configure Windows Defender using an intuitive interface. Let’s try to make Defender less resource intensive with this software.

How does Windows XP reduce computer performance?

Windows Defender usually runs in the background. It periodically checks for virus detection updates and automatically performs a scheduled anti-virus audit of the system.

Windows Defender also calculates hashes for all files running on your PC to provide better protection against malware. File uniqueness calculations are quite CPU-intensive, so they can affect system performance.

Scheduled scans, frequent checks for definition updates, and file hash calculations can reduce system performance if your computer is underpowered. Therefore, disabling/disabling some of these features can help reduce the impact of the protector on your computer’s performance.

Accelerate Windows with DefenderUI

Setting up Windows Defender through its settings is another pleasure. It is much easier and faster to reach the farthest corners of the antivirus program from Microsoft through DefenderUI.

  • Download DefenderUI and install it.
  • Go to the tab Expanded .
  • Uncheck the box File hash calculation and check the box Low CPU priority .

After you disable file hash calculation, Windows Update will not check the uniqueness of each file that is executed on your system, giving a potential performance boost to your system.

The Low CPU Priority option ensures that scheduled scans are not high priority and, as a result, will not run alongside important tasks.

What else can be turned off?

Under Low CPU Priority, you’ll find the “Average CPU Load During Scan” and “Signature Update Interval” menus. Adjusting these settings can improve system performance.

First, click the Average CPU load during scan menu and select the lowest value that you are comfortable with. For example, if you select 10%, Defender will try to use only 10% of the CPU on average when running a scheduled scan.

Second, the signature update interval is the time after which Defender will check for definition updates. The lower the number, the more frequently Windows Update will check for updates and thus potentially reduce system performance.

So, set the update interval to as large as you’re comfortable with. For example, choosing 24 hours will force Defender to check for updates only once per day.

You can speed up the System Defender scanning process by excluding certain types of files and folders from scheduled scans.

On the tab “Additionally » you will find the following options

  • Scan email
  • Scan archives
  • Scan network files.

I do not recommend turning off all items. But you can uncheck any of them to speed up Windows Defender scanning and increase PC performance.

For example, if you clear the “Scan email” check box, Windows Office will stop scanning emails. By increasing your productivity in this way, you will be taking on the functions of verifying e-mail. Therefore, be careful in your actions when disabling this or that function of antivirus scanning

Likewise, if you trust removable drives connected to your computer, you can uncheck the “Check removable drives” box to prevent AV from scanning USB drives.

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