Sumska showed how she cooks soup during a blackout

Sumska showed how she cooks soup during a blackout
Sumska showed how she cooks soup during a blackout


Olga Sumska

The actress, together with her husband and daughter Anna, have not left the territory of Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war. They live in Kyiv.

After a massive rocket attack on infrastructure facilities, which took place on Wednesday, November 23, People’s Artist of Ukraine Olga Sumska showed how she cooks soup together with her husband Vitaly Borysiuk. She published the video on Instagram.

In particular, the artist published a video in which you can see how she was cooking dinner on a gas burner in the entrance by candles.

“After today’s shelling of Kyiv and the region, I realized that it is still worth stocking up on the most necessary things. Let’s say gas canisters to make soup that will last for a couple of days. We are still without electricity and water,” she wrote.

At the same time, Olga Sumska urged Ukrainians not to lose heart and to believe in the victory of our country.

“Vitasyk and I are preparing soup with meatballs. Vitaliy got his gas burner. So we won’t get lost. Such are life hacks. Ukrainians have adapted to everything. So let’s not lose heart, hang on, friends. Ukraine will win!” – concluded the actress.

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