Massive missile strike Russia when it can again strike Ukraine – what intelligence says

Massive missile strike Russia when it can again strike Ukraine – what intelligence says
Massive missile strike Russia when it can again strike Ukraine – what intelligence says

“They are trying to break us down, plunge us into darkness and cold during the war and force us to negotiate on the terms of the aggressor. This will not really work, we understand that the frequency (of massive missile attacks on Ukraine – ed.) – it’s about “week +”. This is the period that is needed to prepare for the next massive missile strike,” Yusov said.

He stressed that Ukraine, in turn, is preparing for further effective work, in particular, air defense systems, “but the fact that the terrorist regime will continue these attacks is indisputable “.

“We understand that stockpiles of precision-guided weapons in Russia are largely depleted, but there are many missiles and non-precision , we see that in terms of accuracy they are not particularly chasing. In many cases, a scatter per kilometer is a conditional “norm” and hitting not even infrastructure facilities, but civilian houses, hospitals – this is a sign of the club-handedness of Russian missilemen and the Russian regime as a whole,” Yusov noted.

According to him, to a large extent, the enemy has stockpiles of missiles from S-300 systems.

“This means that, first of all, there is a threat to the front-line cities: Zaporozhye, Kharkiv, Nikolaev, Kherson. Unfortunately, these are the cities where the S-300s are being finished off. Ukraine is working to protect civilian infrastructure and civilians, but we understand that the enemy, for all its absurdity is serious, armed, massive. Therefore, unfortunately, missile terror can still continue, “summed up Yusov.

Massive strike November 24

Recall that yesterday during the day the Russian occupiers dealt a massive blow to the energy infrastructure of Ukraine and not only.

The enemy used 67 air and sea-based cruise missiles. The Ukrainian military shot down 51 cruise missiles, as well as 5 Lancet-type kamikaze drones.

As a result of the enemy attack, 10 Ukrainians were killed, dozens were injured.

The blows were received by residential buildings and thermal power plants, thermal power plants and electrical substations in Kyiv and a number of regions of Ukraine, due to which a number of regions were de-energized, power engineers continue to work on restoration.

Read urgent and important messages about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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