Petition for Days Gone sequel approaches 200,000 signatures


A two-year-old petition asking Sony to green-light Days Gone 2 continues to gain signatures to this day, highlighting fan demand for a sequel.

A petition was created two years ago by user Kanhai Raval in response to the news that Sony was not going to continue working on Days Gone 2 after the original game fell short of the company’s expectations. The petition has garnered over 100,000 signatures after a year on the site and is now on track to reach 200,000 signatures. Released in 2019, Studio Bend’s Days Gone scored a Metacritic score of 71, which is decent, but not for first-person PlayStation games, which typically score between 85 and 95.

And despite the fact that the game caused dissatisfaction with critics and an unsuccessful launch, it sold very well. As a general rule, if a game sells very well, especially a new one, then there will definitely be a sequel, but PlayStation has shown in the past that it is willing to cancel sequels to games that critics didn’t like, and it looks like Days Gone is the latest example of this. And this is where the petition comes into play.

“There are millions of people who want Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2,” the petition says. And I want all the fans to sign this petition. They can’t just release such an amazing game that ended at the most interesting place. “.

As you can see, this is a very simple petition, but it has resonated with almost 200,000 users who agree that PlayStation should not abandon the series after one release. Unfortunately for everyone who signed this petition, there is little chance that Days Gone will ever get a sequel, as its creators have already left Sony Bend, and the team is working on a new project.

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