Operators answer why there is electricity and no Internet

Operators answer why there is electricity and no Internet
Operators answer why there is electricity and no Internet

Mobile operators and ISPs explain where the internet goes when you have power. True, Wi-Fi may be unavailable due to disconnection of the device from the provider. The fact that the user has electricity means nothing. It may not be on the provider’s side.


Market participants noted that the Internet may be unavailable due to the following factors. We are talking about the lack of electricity in the user’s premises or the supplier’s office and the power transmission equipment, which actually consists of the base station. For example, in Kyiv, all electricity consumers are divided into several groups. Electricity was turned off to them one by one. Subscribers and providers can be in different groups. So if the subscriber has electricity, your provider may not have it.

According to Serhii Kovalenko, who heads the YASNO company (Supplier of electricity, gas and energy-efficient solutions), each group of subscribers is divided into ten queues. This is done for a more uniform power outage. Queues are calculated by the company’s specialists based on capacity indicators. For example, if the system requires 250 mW for stabilization, several queues in the group will be disconnected from the power Source. This means that even if the user is in the same group as the provider, there is no guarantee that both will have power at a given time.

As a rule, large mobile operators have a large number of diesel generators. However, if the power outage is long and large-scale, covering many regions at the same time, then users will face communication and Internet problems.

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