Foreign companies help guide Russian missiles via GLONASS, – GUR

Foreign companies help guide Russian missiles via GLONASS, – GUR
Foreign companies help guide Russian missiles via GLONASS, – GUR

Intelligence urges Western companies to abandon support for GLONASS in their microchips – this is the Soviet analogue of GPS. Now the system is used by the RF Armed Forces to coordinate attacks on Ukraine.

In many microcircuits, Western countries include support for the Russian analogue of the GPS system. The Russian Federation buys them and uses them for military purposes. This was reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Russian troops continue to shell Ukraine. The massive shelling on November 23 resulted in the fact that most Ukrainian houses were de-energized. There are dead and wounded. Intelligence notes that the enemy uses GLONASS to achieve its goals – this is the Russian group of navigation of dual-purpose satellites. It was created in the USSR in 1982 by order of the Ministry of Defense.

In most cases, it is used for military purposes. GLONASS helps to calculate the coordinates of targets for Ukrainian attacks. There is a weakness in this system – dependence on foreign chips. Russian missiles and drones are made with foreign-made microworlds with GLONASS support. As a rule, the Russian Federation installs civilian drones in military products.

The dual-purpose parts are enough for the chips to help missiles navigate in space and attack Ukrainian civilian and energy infrastructure. Intelligence also published a list of manufacturers of products with GLONASS support:

  • Linx Technologies (USA);
  • Broadcom (USA);
  • Qualcomm (USA);
  • Telit (USA);
  • Maxim Integrated (USA);
  • Cavli Wireless (USA);
  • u-blox AG (Switzerland);
  • STMicroelectronics (Switzerland);
  • Sierra Wireless (Canada);
  • NovAtel (Canada);
  • Septentrio (Belgium);
  • Antenova (Great Britain).

Russia is now actively purchasing GLONASS-enabled microchips through numerous shell companies and distributors.

Microchips are installed in a number of weapons:


Orlan-10, Shahed-136


“Tornado-S” and “Smerch”


“Iskander”, “Caliber”, “Dagger” and Kh-101, Kh-555, Kh-38, Kh-59MK and Kh-31 cruise missiles.

Without foreign GLONASS chips, Russia would have to produce its own chips from scratch. And now Russia is constantly coming up with ways to bypass export controls, so foreign companies should stop making chips with GLONASS support.

Recall, according to media reports, American components were found in the Russian Kh-101 missile. Earlier, the Ukrainian Air Force named which missiles in the Russian Federation can still produce.

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