Air raid alert in Ukraine – fighter jets raised again in Belarus – UNIAN

Air raid alert in Ukraine – fighter jets raised again in Belarus – UNIAN
Air raid alert in Ukraine – fighter jets raised again in Belarus – UNIAN

In Belarus, fighter jets were raised again.

Ukraine again “blushed” because of the air raid alert. According to some reports, this may be due to the exercises conducted by the occupiers in Belarus.

According to the resource, an alarm has been declared in every region of Ukraine.

In turn, the monitoring group Belarusian Gayun reports that at 13:50 a MiG-31K of the Russian Aerospace Forces took off from the Machulishchi airfield. A few minutes later, another MiG-31K took off into the sky. Recall that these fighters can be potential carriers of the Kinzhal missiles.

Updated at 15:42. In Ukraine, the air raid alert was canceled after both fighters went in for a landing.

It is worth noting that the activity of enemy aviation may be associated with joint exercises of the Russian and Belarusian military, who are practicing the landing.

As part of the exercises, an Il-76 military transport aircraft flies over Brest and the Brest region. It is planned that regular landing of soldiers of the 38th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Belarus will take place from it.

In addition, the simulation of the practical actions of the aviation group of troops of Russia and Belarus is taking place at the Ruzhansky training ground.

War in Ukraine – what is known

As of January 25, the total loss of enemy personnel is 123,080 people.

At the same time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was warned of the high threat of Russian air and missile strikes throughout our country.

In addition, on the morning of Wednesday, January 25, an air alert was already announced in Ukraine because of fighters in Belarus.

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