Atomic Heart went “for gold”

Studio Mundfish brought extremely important and joyful news. The development team behind the promising action shooter Atomic Heart has announced that the game has successfully gone gold. The project will reach the players in February of this year and no postponement of the release date is expected.

Atomic Heart has come a long and difficult development path. The game was announced by the young but ambitious Mundfish team back in 2017 when it was published debut trailer project. It took the developers about six years to reach the finish line and finally get close to the global release. The authors of the action on social networks thanked the players for their patience and support:

Thanks to our partners and everyone involved in this exciting project! And above all, thank you all for sticking with us and supporting Atomic Heart.

— wrote Mundfish.

Atomic Heart will release on February 21st for PC and consoles.

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